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2001 Education Freedom Index

A Time of Departing Ministries

Alliance for the Separation of School and State

Alpha thru Omega

American Center for Law and Justice

America's Educational Crisis--A Christian Response

American Deception
(compilation of pdf docs related to the deception
of Americans by their govt. and ed. system)

America's Failing Public Education System

American Opinion Book Services (AOBS)

American Vision: A Biblical Worldview Ministry

The Annals of the World

Apologetics Index

Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS)

Baker's Guide to Christian Distance Education
Christian High School, College & Seminary Online Degree Directory

Ban Truth -- Reap Tyranny

Barna Research Online (Biblical Worldview Statistics)

Berit Kjos Ministries

Berit Kjos Topical Index of Articles

Bible Proofs and the Historicity of Jesus

Bible Sprout (Bible Resources to Grow Your Faith)

Bible Trivia (Kids, OT, and NT)

The Blackstone Institute

Brainwashing in America

California Exodus

Camp American

Can Darkness Teach Light?  (PDF file *)

Can Public Schools Be Religiously Neutral?

Caryl Productions with Cult & Occult Expert Caryl Matrisciana

CEANet Promo Bulletin Insert Flyers Page

CEANet Host Editorials

CEANet's Worldview Foundational Tenets

Center for Reclaiming America

Chalcedon Foundation
(The Bible, Reformed Theology, and Christian Reconstruction Applied to Life)

Christian Answers.Net

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

(Pro-Family organization known for promoting
the public display of the Ten Commandments,
Pro-Life and Christian Values.)

About Classical Christian Education

The Christian Defense
(Building an Apologetic Christian Defense Through Discussion)

Christian Education Resolutions to the SBC

Christian Education Symposium

CBD Christian Book Distributors

The Christian Church and 501(c)3  (PDF file *)

The Necessity of an Explicitly Christian Education

Christian Education for the Real World

Christian or State Education: A Parental Choice?

Christian Parents Information Network

How Christians can use Education to Sink the Deep State

A Christian Philosophy of Education

Christian Research Institute

Why Christians Should Not Support Government Schools (PDF file*)

The History of Christianity (99 essential resources)

Chronology of the National Education Association

Chronological History of the New World Order

Citizen Review

Citizens United

Climate Change ("Global Warming") Resource Links

No Exit, No Voice: The Design of Common Core (pdf file)

HSLDA on Compulsory Attendance

Congress Honors Homeschoolers

Conforming the Church to the New Millennium

Consensus and Facilitation

Conservative Commitment to Educational Socialism

Conservative News Service

Conspiracy: Where's the Proof ?

Constitution Party

Contender Ministries (Apologetics, Prophecy, the Cults, United Nations, Etc.)

COURTSYSTEM.ORG (legal system resources)

Covenant News
(A Ministry of The Christian Street Preachers Alliance)

Creation-Related Links

Critical Race Training in Education

Credenda Agenda

Defenders of the Constitution

Defense of Creationism (file size: 125K)

Discover Christian

Doing Away with the Public School System

Dungeons and Dragons and FRPGs

Eagle Forum

Eastern Consortium for Classical, Christian Schooling (ECCCS)

EdWatch Article Archives

Education and New Age Humanism

Education Articles

Education Articles by Linda Schrock Taylor

Education Doctors

Education: Free and Compulsory

Education News

Education for Sustainable Tyranny
(The UN Plan for Our Children, PDF File)

Meaning of Educational Freedom

Education in America

Education Policy Institute

Education: What Pastors and Parents Need to Know

Education: What Pastors and Parents Need to Know
(At Saint Louis

EdWatch Article Index

The Emancipation of Education

Enterprising Education: 
Doing Away with the Public School System (PDF File *)

Exodus Mandate Project

The Failure of American Education

Faith-Based Compromise?

Faithful Parents, Faithful Children: 
Why We Homeschool

FedEd - The New Federal Curriculum

Five Reasons to Send Your Children to Christian Private Schools

Florida Exodus Mandate Blog

Focus on the Bible Ministries (Restoring Bible Literacy to the Church!)

Focus on the Family

Foundation for American Christian Education

The Founding Spirit

Freedom of Education: A Civil Liberty

Freedom of

Give to Caesar what is Caesar's

Global Warming and Climate Change Links

The Government Education Monopoly

Grace & Law Christian Policy Network

“The Greatest Mistake in American History:
 Letting Government Educate our Children” by Harry Browne
(audio stream .wma file)

Harry Potter

Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged

Heal Our Land Ministries -- 501(c)3 Info

Historical Education Considerations (PDF File *)

HolyBears TM

Homeschool-Related Links

Homeschool Wisdom and Research Resources

Homemakers for America (HFA)

Household of Faith Community Church!
HOFCC is a growing "cluster" of age-integrated, 
family-inclusive congregations gathering in and around 
the Metro Area of Portland Oregon.

How Now Shall We Live?

How to Control the Growth of Your School District Budget

Humanism -- The Established State Religion

I Pencil


Inplainsite -- Information and Apologetics

ITR - the Institute for Theonomic Reformation

Institute of Biblical Defense

Intercollegiate Studies Institute

The Intrusion of Psychology into Christian Theology

Is it Morally Permissible to Educate Our
Children in the Public Schools?

Islam and Christianity Compared

Jeremiah Project

Jeremiah Films

Jesus Folk Christian Start Page and Online Community

Judical Forum

Kossor Education Newsletter

Let My Children Go by E. Ray Moore, Jr.

"Let My Children Go" by Steven Yates

Lighthouse Trails Research Project

Ligonier Ministries

Logos School of Classical and Christ Centered Education

Love Letter from God the Father

Lynn's Education And Research Network (LEARN)

MacArthur's "Duty, Honor, Country" Speech

Mac Dominick on Exodus 2000

MarketFaith Ministries (Making Worldview Practical)

Math and the Bible

Create You Own Math Quiz

Michael New -- Mercenary... or American Soldier

Mind Control in Government Schools

Mission to Restore America

Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce

National Alliance for Christian Heritage

The National Center for Education Information
(Alternative Teacher Preparation and Certification)

National Education Association

National Education Association: Barrier to Learning  (pdf file)

National Wilderness Institute

Nehemiah Institute, Inc.
(Worldview Training for All the World -- Psalm 50:12)

New Age and Global Education

The New American Magazine

No Rights for Resisters

None Dare Call It Education

Our Country, Our Children

Parent Company

Parent-Directed Education Blog

Parents Television Council

The Patriot Post

The Pearcey Report

Preserve Our Constitution, Inc.

Pillars of the World (Worldview Assessment)

Private Schools Directory - USA

Probe Ministries

Public School Battle Map

Public Education is Doomed, Part 1

Public Education's Twisted Roots

Public School and What You're Up Against

Public Schools: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice?

Recommended Books and Videos

Redefining Education for Global Citizenship

Reform America

Refuting Compromise

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
(Library of Congress Exhibition)

Rescue Your Child

Resolution Against School District Homeschool Programs  (PDF File)

The Restoration of Education by James A. Boyes

Re-Taking America with Kelly McGinley

Righteousness or Republicanism?

The Rise of the American Empire

Ron Paul Honors Marshall Fritz (Congressional Record)

The Rope

Rutherford Institute

Saint Louis MetroVoice
(Saint Louis' Christian News and Events Publication)

On Being "Salt and Light" (PDF file *)

School of Tomorrow

Secular Humanism

Secular vs. Christian Education

The Seduction of Homeschooling Families

Sharing Your Faith

Should Christians Rebuild Hope for Public Schools?

Should Christians Stay in The Public Schools (video media presentation)

Science Ministries

Scientists and Their Gods ("faith cometh by hearing")

The Snare of College Accreditation

Soviet Education in the 1930s vs. American Education in 2001

Southern Baptist Convention Education Resolutions

Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven?

Stand to Reason

Starting an E-Newsletter Without Losing Your Shirt (PDF file)

Stop World Control

The Subversion of Education in America

Summit Ministries

Summit Ministries' Worldview Charts

Teachers, Curriculum, Control:
A "World" of Difference in Public and Private Schools

Ten Commandments News

Ten Key Questions About Life

Promote the Ten Commandments

Testimony before the House & Senate Committees 
on the Proposed Department of Education (1926)

Timeline to Global Governance

Think Again!

Time to Remove Christian Children from Public Schools

From Tradition to Truth: A Priest's Story (PDF file *)

Train Up a Child

TRIM Congressional Bulletin Select Your State

The Trinity Foundation

"Truth in Education" by Pat Marcum (PDF file *)

The Underground History of American Education

Review of The Underground History of American Education

Understanding the Trinity

Understanding Sustainable Development (A Guide for Public Officials)  (PDF file *)

UN Plan for Your Community

UN Plan for Your Mental Health

UNESCO Education for All

United Nations Watch

American Policy Center UN Articles

U.S. Constitution On Line

Vision America

WARNING! Public Schools Aren't For Christians

Watch Tower (Jehovah's Witness) Society Quotes

What If Public Schools Were Abolished?

Will Your Children Be Christian?


World's Smallest Political Quiz

Why I Went to SepCon 2004 (PDF file*)

Why You Should Homeschool Your Christian Child

World Declaration on Education For All

Worldview Academy


Zondervan Publishing House
(Academic, Reference, and Ministry Resources)

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