How to Control the Growth of Your School District Budget 

by James A. Boyes 

October 10, 2008


In all probability, more than a few of us get a bit miffed every time we open that little envelope from the county government which tells us how our property taxes are used. More often than not, we are informed that at least half of these taxes go to support the local district of our government-imposed indoctrination system; a nation-wide organism that is both spiritually and intellectually at odds with the Christian faith. We also are more than troubled that the sum of this piece of the tax pie, continues to grow as well; much beyond our say-so or control. What are we to do?

What did Thomas Jefferson think about forcing people to pay for the teaching of philosophies that they completely disagreed with? Jefferson so much as said that such practices qualify as the deprivation of liberty:

We were warned of this many years ago, and yet here we are, forced to finance the growth of humanism at the expense of Christianity. And again, I ask the question: What are we to do? 

 If you are sick and tired of seeing more and more of your hard-earned dollars used against you, why not figure a way to obstruct the growth of public school budgets? How, you may ask, might we accomplish such a mission? Is there a chink in the government school armor that we can go after? Yes, there is!! They’re called school levies. 

Most school districts have enlarged themselves beyond their operating budgets such that they seek additional funds through the use of tax-sponsored levies. These levies are voted upon by those who live inside the boundaries of the particular school district in question. 

What would happen to such school districts if their levies failed? The unbridled expansion would be slowed, if not brought to a stand-still. How can one fight a school levy? Is there a consultant or an expert who has the necessary experience and track record of success when it comes to such battles? Yes there is! His name is Paul Dorr.

Paul has quite a few levy defeats under his belt (49 victories between 2001 and the beginning of 2008). Yes, Paul Dorr has helped to defeat humanists educators in 49 out of 57 levy campaigns (an 86-percent rating) in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota and Missouri since 2001. Because of his successful methods, Mr. Dorr is one of the most feared and disliked Christian men in our country; detested primarily by the left-leaning media and all who financially benefit from the passage of public school levies.

What does Paul have to say about his particular job skill set, toward the defeat of these expensive levies?

“I am a political campaign consultant who has been employed by taxpayer groups across the mid-west to defeat public school bond levy votes. To date (Nov. 2002) I have designed the campaigns necessary to defeat 11 out of 12 new school tax proposals at the ballot box, saving taxpayers over $175 million. These levies were for both buildings and overrides to legislative caps of growth to their general budgets. Since March of this year three of my clients defeated their new tax proposals by an average NO vote of 69.1-percent with accompanying large voter turnouts. Politically routing proposed government school bond levies often demoralizes them enough that the piggish-spending statist educators drop their new spending plans.”[2]

“My business now is organizing taxpayer groups . . .at the local level to challenge a government school’s bond issue. . .The local taxpayers will raise a budget and hire me. . .[to] coordinate the strategy. . .We’ve done 57 of them and defeated 49. . .saving almost a billion dollars now in property taxes and keeping them away -- defeating them, and burying them, where they just give up after two or three times. Usually if they keep trying against us, we’ll increase the voter turnout and the ‘no’ vote will increase as well. The more they try, the more we educate the voters, and the more we inspire them to turn out.”[3]

According to Jeffrey West, reporter for South Carolina’s Times Examiner, “Dorr’s adventure began after he was unsuccessfully prosecuted for homeschooling.” Door told the reporter, “That started us on a journey towards recognizing that government schools are the enemy of the Christian faith. I was done thinking in terms of getting people on the school board and trying to reform it. . .I finally told these different education groups, ‘Ours is not to try to reform this stuff, ours is to call upon the Christian to get out. And once we’re out and have our children protected and our own houses in order and our churches are in order, then we are to go back after them, and not stand back and live defensively and in fear of the government schools, but let’s go on the offensive against them.’”[4]

It’s nice to know that you aren’t alone in the fight to reduce taxes and keep the government school system at bay. There’s an expert in the defeat of school levy bonds, and his name is Paul Dorr. If you’d like to find out more about Mr. Dorr, you can access an article he wrote for

If you desire to contact Mr. Dorr to hire him for his services or inquire more about the same, call him by phone at (712) 758-3660, or send him an e-mail:

In closing, I offer the following quote from Samuel Johnson, which helps to contrast the vast gulf between today’s government school system and the original goal of education: 

“The supreme end of education is expert discernment in all things -- the power to tell the good from the bad, the genuine from the counterfeit, and to prefer the good and the genuine to the bad and the counterfeit.”[5]

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