The Christian Education Awareness Network (CEANet) Presents:

America 2000/ Goals 2000 - Moving the Nation Educationally to a "New World Order" - A Research Manual

  Compiled and edited by Rev. James R. Patrick

Rev. James R. Patrick

Rev. James R. Patrick

1994 by Citizens for Academic Excellence



Click on the cover image to access a PDF version (73.1 MB) of this 757-page manual.

Please note this PDF version is incomplete as to prevent violation of a copyright agreement.

Also, due to a format error manual page 290 appears after page 372, and pdf pages are

not in synch with manual pages, again due to removal of copyright material.

Although this education manual is dated, it is still useful for research, historical and archival purposes.


Leading Educators Recommend...


SAMUEL BLUMENFELD, author, lecturer, educator - I wish to commend you for compiling and editing the Research Manual on America 2000/Goals 2000. I am sure that it will prove to be a most valuable tool for parents, ministers and even educators who are trying to understand what Outcome Based Education and the present trends in education reform are all about. Its extensive documentation and rigid adherence to the facts will be of enormous assistance to researchers like myself who are constantly on the lookout for reliable sources of information and historical data.

Former JUSTICE WILLIAM C. GOODLOE , Washington State Supreme Court - Having sold and given away many of your wonderful books and having followed your patriotic career for many years. I am writing finally to express my highest compliments to you for being the outstanding American patriot that you are. All of this of course is reflected in the monumental work that I refer to above. The entire world is at a crisis and your book explains what it is all about and who is inciting this "New World Order."

MILLIE POGNA, member of New Mexico State Board of Education - Please rush my copies! I am in my 16th year as an elected member of the New Mexico State Board of Education and I spend every spare minute speaking against Outcome Based Education and now Goals 2000-and exposing these monstrosities to parents throughout New Mexico. Please rush my material-I need it for my state-wide speeches!

CHARLOTTE I.. ISERBYT, former Senior Policy Advisor. U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement - A wonderful resource to help save our Constitutional Republic from falling into the tyrannical black hole of World Government is now available: Pastor James Patrick's America 2000/Goals 2000 - Moving the Nation Educationally to a "New World Order." Many of our nation's finest education and political researchers, with whom I have worked over the years, contributed to this book. Much of the book represents authentic documentation. without which victories in our towns. communities, states, and at the federal level would be impossible. We must be well-informed; we must have the necessary documentation to share with our elected officials and friends. Americans need the truth. Pastor Patrick is our 2Oth Century Patrick Henry. Do not fail to purchase his incredible contribution to the preservation of our liberties.

JAMES W. DEUINK, Dean, School of Education, Bob Jones University - It is a pleasure to recommend America 2000/Goals 2000 - Moving the Nation Educationally to a "New World Order" to the Christian Community. This research manual is the most thorough review of recent trends in secular education and their implications for Christians that I have had the opportunity to review. It is carefully documented so that the questioning reader can verify the evidence on his own. Some of the views expressed are controversial and might conflict with your own opinions, but the material is thought-provoking and worthy of your study.

RUS WALTON, Executive Director, Plymouth Rock Foundation - Thank you for your America 2000/Goals 2000 - Moving the Nation Educationally to a "New World Order." Every pastor who is truly concerned about the salvation and security of the children in the flock assigned to him should have - not only have, but use - this manual to become a more informed and courageous watchman on local, state and national walls.

JOHN A. STORMER, Author, None Dare Call It Treason, and None Dare Call It Education, Pastor/Principal - Faith Christian School, Florissant, MO - Your 800-page Research Manual does a masterful job of documenting how Goals 2000 and the associated federal and state education 'reform' legislation is designed to remake not only America's schools but also our children and our entire way of life. These education "reforms' make our schools the agency for producing a generation of people who will fit into a coming 'new world order.' Anyone interested in any way in the education of children or the future of America must have this valuable resource.

WILLIAM JASPER, Editor, The New American - Reverend Patrick's Research Manual will come as a special godsend. The size of a Los Angeles telephone directory, this hefty, volume is packed with vital information that Americans need to make comprehensible the education "revolution" (George Bush's word) this is bearing down on us like a giant juggernaut. Patrick has done us all a tremendous service by compiling into a single volume, and presenting in an effective manner, an enormous amount of important research on education that can take the uninitiated through the confusing labyrinth of educational legerdemain to a sophisticated understanding of the school "reform" traps and perils that beset us on every side. This volume provides "must know" information about OBE. Parents As Teachers, "lifelong learning," SCANS, Quest, "empowerment." Chester Finn, William Bennett, Chris Whittle, the Edison Project, "choice," vouchers, the U. S. Soviet education exchange agreement, global education, ability norming, gender norming, charter schools, Roots and Wings, the National Alliance for Restructuring Education, and a great deal more.

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