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Answers In Genesis

Answers Magazine

Answers Research Journal

Around the World with Ken Ham (Blog)

Baloney Detector: Your Guide to Clear Thinking

What Does the Bible Say About Astronomy? (PDF Tract 187K)

CEANet's Worldview Foundational Tenets

Charles Darwin - The Truth

College/University Questionnaire (PDF File, 11k)

Comparing Creation and Evolution  (PDF File, 100K)
(920kb - download zipped set of the Creation Articles & Graphics)

Creation Books -- Online, Free Downloads !!

Creation Apologetics

Creation Association of Puget Sound, WA, USA

Creation Concept

ProjectCREATION (A Creation Education Ministry)

Creation Education Center at Answers In Genesis

Creation Education Presentations

Creation/Anti-Evolution Bibliography

Creation Essays

Creation -- Evolution Essays

Creation/Evolution Reference Database (CERD)

Creation - Evolution Headlines

Creation or Evolution: Does It Really Matter?

Creation Expeditions

The Creation Explanation

Creation Illustrated (magazine)
"The Christian Answer to National Geographic"

Creation On The Web

Creation Moments, Inc. (Dedicated to the concept of Special Creation)

Creation Research, Science Education Foundation

Creation Ministries International (CMI)

Creation Research Society


Creation Science Evangelism

Creation Science Home Page

World's Greatest Creation Scientists

Creation-Science Research Center - San Diego, CA

Creation Sermons Online

Creation Scripture References

Creation Social Science and Humanities Society Journal

Creation Super Library

Creation vs Evolution Controversy

Creation Worldview Ministries

Creationism Connection

CREATION Magazine Archive

Creation Moment Church Bulletin Inserts


Creationist Directory (Worldwide)

Critique of PBS' Evolution Series

The Days of Creation

Defense of Creationism (file size: 125K)

Did God Really Take Six Days?

Evolution-facts Free Downloads

Evolution and the Judiciary (PDF File)

Evolutionary Psychology: 
Why it Fails as a Science and is Dangerous
(PDF File)

Evolution Resources at the National Academy of Sciences

Earth Science Associates

Genesis Network

Grand Canyon Geology

The Hoax of Scientific Creationism

Index of Creationist Organizations

Insects: Incredible and Inspirational

Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

Institute for Creation Research (ICR)
Impact Statement Listing

It All Begins with Genesis Curriculum

Jesus: Creator or Evolver?

Jesus Christ CREATOR (PDF File, 250K)

Mount St. Helens - Creation Information Center

National Science Teachers Association 
Position Statement on Teaching Evolution

New Leaf Press & Master Books

Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study

Noah's Ark and Creation Related Links

Noah's Ark Related Links


Northwest Creation Network

Questions, Answers, and Articles about Creation

Refuting Compromise

Refuting Evolution

Refuting Evolution 2

Revolution Against Evolution

Science, Creation and Evolutionism
(Response to the latest anticreationist agitprop from the 
US National Academy of Sciences (NAS), 
Science, Evolution and Creationism)

Science Ministries

Scripture References pertaining to creation, science, 
nature, and exploring Godís handiwork

Serious Problems with the Philosophy of Evolution

Universities, Colleges, and
Seminaries that Teach a Literal Genesis, Including
Six-Day, Young-Earth Creation

Teacher's Resource Center

Train2Equip - Creation vs Evolution, Science, Bible, Mike Riddle

Unmasking The False Religion of Evolution 

The Young Earth Creation Club

Why The Church Must Emphasize CREATION

Worldwide Directory of Creation Organizations

Writing a Paper/Report on Creation vs. Evolution, Etc.

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Creation-Related Resources

The Interactive Bible


Click Here to Access CREATIONISM.ORG Web Site! Awesome Collection of Creation-Related Resources, Links, Articles, Papers, Sound Files, Etc.


Click Here to Access Information on Refuting Evolution


Click Here to Access Information on Refuting Evolution 2.


Click here to learn more about "Refuting Compromise"

Click Here to Access "It All Begins with Genesis" Curriculum.
Click Here to Access "It All Begins with Genesis" Curriculum.


 Answers Magazine Archive

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Click Here to Access the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) 


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Catalog for Creation Books and Videos

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