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Homeschooling For Eternity

by Skeet Savage

ISBN 0-9728139-0-X

Wisdom's Gate
Covert, Michigan

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Skeet Savage, author of "Homeschooling For Eternity"
Skeet Savage

About Skeet Savage...

As one of the pioneers of the modern homeschool movement, Skeet Savage has labored in the fields of home education as counselor, speaker, publisher of Home School Digest and An Encouraging Word magazines and author of the book, Homeschooling For Eternity.

With the fruit of almost 30 years of personal homeschooling experience, and as the single mother of six children, Skeet represents an authoritative voice for Godly parenting and truly Christian education.  Her powerful messages are built consistently on a strong, Biblical foundation and delivered in her warm, down-to-earth (and often humorous) style.

Skeet’s hard-hitting, no compromising approach is seasoned with the wisdom of age and the love of the Lord that draws people to open their hearts and receive the convicting message she brings.  Wherever she has been called to speak, the Holy Spirit has empowered Skeet’s messages to bring many out of their double-mindedness and fully into the homeschooling camp -- and, most importantly to a closer walk with Him.

What Others Are Saying About 
Homeschooling For Eternity....

"Homeschooling For Eternity is a must read for all Christian parents, including those who don't homeschool their children.  Skeet Savage brings her vast knowledge of Scripture to bear on the foundational principles of child rearing.  The book is convincing, yet encouraging.  Most of all, it is a vital resource for parents who are serious about teaching their children in the way they should go."
-- Lee Webb, news anchor CBN News / The 700 Club

"Homeschooling For Eternity is a must-read for all homeschooling families who are serious about raising their families for God's glory.  In a very practical way, Skeet Savage helps you live and teach what really matters.  Knowing Skeet for many years, I can say confidently, she truly walks her talk."
-- Chris Klicka, Senior Counsel of the Home School Legal Defense Association, author, father of seven homeschool children

"Skeet Savage excavates for a sure foundation for teaching and training our children to be 'faithful servants of the Lord, seeing as God sees.'  Years of thoughtful experience intriguinly flow from her heart."
-- Betsy and Dr. Brian Ray, President of the National Home Education Research Institute

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