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How to De-Program Yourself

From all of the Blasphemous Ideas

You Learned in Public School

by Buddy Hanson

Hanson Group
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404
205.454.1442 *
Printed and bound in the United States of America

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Should You, or Shouldn't You?

Could it be possible that the advancement of the non-Christiran cultural agenda in America today is simply the absence of the Christian influence, deliberately seeded into Christian thinking by our educational systems?  How to De-Program Yourself explains the anti-biblical and anti-American ideas that Christians commonly embrace.  It also proves from Scripture how Christian culture will return as Christians think God's thoughts after Him with obedience that He can bless.

Once de-programmed, you'll learn and experience how God's Word and Spirit are motivating Christians today to discover and develop His alternatives to secularizing ideas, professions, and institutions for the advancement of His Kingdom on earth.  For the Christian student or teacher in a public school or university, reading this book may be like "walking the plank," and you may find yourself unable to continue in secular education.

If you have a Biblical worldview, How to De-Program Yourself will help you implement what you know, bringing glory to God and His corresponding blessings to you, your family, your church and the nation.

Buddy Hanson has written this book in his clear, organized, no-compromise and positive style.  The personal worldview checkup along with the many lists, tables, and illustrations make the heart, mind and world changing content east to grasp, use, and share with others.  I've been reading it to our children for devotions.

-- Dr. James Bartlett
Executive Director, North Dakota Home School Association &
Biblical Concourse of Home Universities

Buddy Hanson
Buddy Hanson

Buddy Hanson is President of the Christian Policy Network and Director of the Christian Worldview Resources Center and has written several books on the necessity of applying one's faith to everyday situations, circumstances and decision-making.

The Format

The first five chapters, (named "Cuts" to remind you that your "non-Christian conditioned strings" are being cut) explain the answers to the "Personal Worldview Checkup:"

First Cut -- Education
Second Cut - Civil Government
Third Cut - Worldview & Lifestyle
Fourth Cut - Decision-Making
Fifth Cut - Eliminating Rationalizations & Pragmatism

The second five chapters, (named "Replacement Strings") provide explicit explanations on how to tune yourself up to play some sanctified soul music, by incorporating biblical principles into your daily decision-making. The fifth "Replacement String" is a seminar in print that divides the Christian lifestyle into Seven Days, so you can see which "Day" you're on and what you need to do to move to the next day. You won't want to miss this, but resist the temptation to turn to it now. It will make more sense if you work your way toward it by reading the preceding chapters.

Upon completing the text you will have "cut" the man-honoring non-Christian strings which may be currently influencing your daily decision-making and lifestyle, and replaced them with God-honoring Christian strings. The logical next step is to live a "perfectly" obedient Christian lifestyle. Is that a possibility? Jesus thinks so, and Appendix One. "Be Ye Therefore Perfect..." explains how to do it.

Along the way there are helpful charts and illustrations. There is even a "Biblical Filter for Any Christian Curriculum (Home School, or Christian Day School) on the Parents Resource Page in the Fifth Cut, so you can make certain that your child's education is Christian, and not merely conservative.

Click Here => to access this book's Table of Contents, Preface, Personal Worldview Checkup, and Introduction. (PDF file, 320 KB)

Book Review of 

How to De-Program Yourself 

(From all of the Blasphemous Ideas You Learned in Public School) 

Reviewed by Karl Priest (West Virginia Exodus Mandate Coordinator )

Hansen, Buddy. How to De-Program Yourself. Tuscaloosa, AL: The Hansen Group, 2009 

Every pastor and Christian leader should read this book and recommend it to their flocks--perhaps as a resource for a special group study. 

Mr. Hansen has organized the book around 50 questions regarding worldviews. Those questions are discussed in Part One (the first five chapters). Each of the Part One chapters represent strings that are attached to many Christians causing them to perform as puppets guided by the thoughts of the Natural (rather than Spiritual) Man.

Part Two (the last five chapters continue the author's clever string analogy, but now each string is a part of a stringed musical instrument that will allow Christians to play "Sanctified soul music by incorporating biblical ethics into daily decision making."

Woven throughout the book are concepts (mainly sports references) that will appeal to men, but not overwhelm the ladies. 

The "First Cut" is "Education" and includes questions 1-17. The questions lead the reader through a logical sequence concluding with #17: "Is it a sin to submit our children to programs and policies of non-Christians, and/or to join with non-Christians in business ventures? As a man who has firmly answered that question for myself with a firm "Yes" I especially liked how Mr. Hansen (in question 16) handled typical objections to why Christians should exit the government school system. He breaks all of the excuses into five categories:

1. "Our school is different." 
2. "We can't afford Christian Schools, Besides Our Child is Being `Salt and Light' by Evangelizing Non-Christian Friends." 
3. "We went to public schools and we turned out OK." 
4. "What about Socialization and Extra-curricular Activities?" 
5. "Our Pastor Hasn't Said it is a Problem." 

To close out a solid argument for cutting the string of government schooling Mr. Hanson has (pg. 163) a list of five solutions for "Education our Children". The fifth solution is an elaboration of the ways Christian education can be supported.

Other strings that Christians must cut in order to free their lives and testimonies are Civil Government; Worldview and Lifestyle; Decision Making; and Rationalization and Pragmatism. Even mature Christians can benefit from analyzing their thought processes while reading this book

Once a Christian is freed of the puppet strings he/she can now put together musical strings which make their lives harmonious with God's plan. I label these strings in the categories of thinking, living, making decisions, and serving. Then a fifth string is a detailed guide for separating a Christina worldview from that of a conservative. Mr. Hansen does an excellent job of explaining these "strings" in detail.

A careful study of How to De-Program Yourself will lead the reader to a life with "no strings attached". 

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