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Stealing America

of the Economy, Education,
and State Governments

by Debi Demien

businesses tell the schools what to teach and counselors place 7th grade students in career paths designed to insure that children are properly trained to become the productive human capital needed by industry and...

the government determines who is a "skilled" worker and grants the right to employment only to those workers who have a state approved diploma and...

elected legislators are allowed to serve only two terms and where all serious decisions are made by hand-picked career bureaucrats and appointed boards who are empowered by the governor to approve new legislation, implement programs, distribute tax dollars and...

professional educators and counselors along with government agents closely monitor and impose corrective training for parents to insure every child has a "healthy caring" home in a "healthy caring" community in a "healthy caring" world...

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Purpose of this Book

America is being stolen. The Preamble to our Constitution states "We, the people of these United States, ... do ordain and establish this Constitution." Since Americaís birth the people have held the power to make the decisions governing their individual lives. All of American life has been structured around this principle. Our economy, education system and government have all been controlled by the American people making decisions at home, in the community, at work, and at the polls. This idea was AMERICA!

This is not America today. Decision making power has been stolen from the people one piece at a time and replaced by ideas foreign to American principles. The purpose of this book is to provide documented evidence concerning these fundamental changes that have replaced our stolen America with a reinvented America.

The scope of this restructuring, however, has gone undetected by most people because it has been put into place one piece at a time, much like putting a puzzle together. Given a single piece of the puzzle, few are able to tell what the big picture really looks like. Stealing America puts the puzzle pieces together with documented evidence to give an accurate view of that big picture. The picture will not be the America our parents or we once knew. That America is being replaced with a reinvented America, but it is an American that will not work.

The Scope of the Restructuring

While the scope of these changes is massive, the movement uses a simple, deceptive terminology. Education reform, workforce development, and School-to-Work sound like simple programs for improving portions of American life. But they mask the complete reinventing of America. Does this sound improbable? Read in this book the actual words of the framers and implementers of this movement and discover what they see as its full scope.

Stealing America traces and documents these destructive changes to our economy, education and government. It refers to the movement to reinvent America using a term most frequently connected to it---School-to-Work. Do not be misled by either the name School-to-Work or the term "reform" which implies and improvement. School-to-Work is not simply an educational program, and it is the opposite of an improvement. It is a comprehensive restructuring of America that steals the power from the people and seeks a national take-over of all education, business, our workforce and even our state governments.

State of the States

While School-to-Work is in all fifty states, Stealing America provides specific evidence mostly from the authorís home state of Missouri and the local schools in St. Charles County. However, similar evidence from other states can be produced. What is happening in one state is happening all across America. A section entitled "State of the State" has been included and provides brief notes about several other states.

Real People, Real Stories

Finally, to illustrate the impact this new system is already having on the lives of our children and families, interviews with real people have been included. What has really happened to students and parents as they have entered the new Human Resources Development System? These stories about real people scattered throughout this book present an unsettling picture. Are there thousands more stories just like these all across America? Will parents, educators, businessmen and legislators wake up to what the big picture really is before it is too late?

About the author....

Debi Demien, president of Restoring America, has a Masters in Education and fourteen years of classroom experience in the public schools. She has taught every grade from seventh to twelfth and has a double major in English and history. Mrs. Demien left teaching several years ago to stay home and raise her children.

Over the past few years Mrs. Demien has become active in politics as a way of contributing to Americaís future. She works closely with several local elected officials, state legislators and federal representatives as an educational researcher and advisor. She has also served as chairman of a county political committee and as an elected township representative for that committee.

Mrs. Demien was a state leader for a presidential candidate in the 1996 election and served as a delegate to the national convention and as a member of the national rules committee. She has also acted as campaign coordinator for the successful re-election of the County Executive, and has served on the steering committee for the successful election of a local County Judge.

In 1996 Mrs. Demien began researching the alarming changes occurring in the public educational system. She began presenting this research material as a guest speaker in numerous public forums including education conferences, Kiwanis groups, federated clubs, chambers of commerce, and county council meetings. She has been a guest speaker on both local and national radio programs.

Mrs. Demien has testified in front of house and senate committees and has been called as an expert witness to support bills and resolutions in Missouriís state capitol, Jefferson City.

The information presented by Mrs. Demien comes from official state and federal documents including the actual public law. She began presenting the information in an effort to make the community aware of the movement to restructure "the entire American system" under the misleading name of education and economic reform.

Besides this book, Mrs. Demien has produced an informational speakerís kit to be used by individuals and groups to inform the public concerning the restructuring movement known as School-to-Work. This kit includes an audio cassette and copies of the charts and materials presented in her public presentations. still has this book available, click here => to order.


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