I'd like to share the following special message I received from Don Lewis of Ability Labs. He looked over the CEANet website and noticed a need to include a few links related to help those whose abilities may have changed.


God Bless All of You,


Jim @ CEANet





My son, Randy, was in an accident when he was in college that changed his physical and mental abilities. I remember right after it happened going to support groups, mostly because I wanted to learn how I could help our family adjust in a healthy and harmonious way and to not feel alone in my experience. I remember meeting a lot of parents whose amazing children had been differently-abled their whole lives, and it really made me think about how I would have wanted to make sure Randy always felt included had he been little when his abilities changed.


Now that Iíve finally started my own site to support other families who have a differently-abled member, I want to honor the parents of young children who work so hard to see that their little ones are always included, especially this time of year when there is so much outdoor fun to be had. I found your site, and it seemed like the information Iíve been looking up might be a good fit for one of your resources pages:


Backyard Camping for Kids with Disabilities


Playground Tips for Children with Special Needs


Teaching Swimming to Children with Disabilities: Benefits & Safety Precautions


Accessible Entertaining: Making Sure Your Disabled Guests Feel Safe and Welcome in Your Home


The Best Bikes for Special Needs Kids


Finding the Right Hotel for Your Child with Special Needs


32 Vacation Destinations for Individuals with Special Needs


So if youíd like to use anything on this list, maybe on a resources page for parents of special needs children, I welcome you to. I sincerely appreciate your support of special needs individuals and their families. Iím still in touch with many of the parents I met from my support groups, and to me, they are unsung heroes. Iím glad to find sites like yours singing their praises.





Don Lewis, donlewis@abilitylabs.com



P.S. Please let me know if Iíve reached out by mistake and you donít want me to email you again. I apologize if I have.


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