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1801-11-28-05-Stop the ACLU
1802-11-28-05-Intelligent Design Efforts Likely to Fail
1803-12-04-05-Not Homeschooling?  What's Your Excuse?
1804-12-04-05-Humanist Literacy vs. Biblical Literacy
1805-12-08-05-God in the Schools -- Respected or Rejected
1806-12-12-05-How Homeschooling Isolates Me
1807-12-18-05-Message from Rev. E. Ray Moore, Jr.
1808-12-18-05-Avoiding Burnout in Homeschooling
1809-12-21-05-Will Your Children Be Christian?
1810-12-28-05-Freedom of Education -- A Civil Liberty
1811-01-02-06-Unintelligent Designs 
1812-01-06-06-Justice Sunday III to Air January 8, 2006
1813-01-08-06-Stossel -- Are American Kids Stupid?
1814-01-08-06-How to Fail at Homeschooling in Three Easy Steps 
1815-01-11-06-Exodus Mandate Press Release -- ABC 20/20
1816-01-15-06-Stupid in America
1817-01-17-06-Lynn Stuter on 'STUPID IN AMERICA'
1818-01-18-06-Pastors -- Please Promote Christian Education
1819-01-22-06-Holy Homeschooling
1820-01-27-06-None Dare Call It Sin
1821-02-04-06-New Book by John A. Stormer
1822-02-05-06-CEANet News Clips 11-28-2005 to 01-27-2006
1823-02-12-06-Is Your Worldview Biblical?
1824-02-13-06-Homeschooling Saves Your Child from Destruction
1825-02-19-06-Worldview Super Conference
1826-02-26-06-Considering Homeschooling Introduces FREE Guide
1827-02-27-06-Dr. Henry Morris is Home with the Lord
1828-02-27-06-A Spiritual Concern for Awana Clubs
1829-03-05-06-Harry Browne (1933-2006)
1830-03-05-06-Clergy Affirm Faith in Darwin's Theory
1831-03-05-06-Solution to the Evolution Controversy
1832-03-13-06-_Public Education Against America_
1833-03-13-06-Children's TV - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
1834-03-21-06-Evolution's Racist Roots
1835-03-21-06-Independence Behind the Wheel
1836-03-27-06-Coping With and Convincing Critics
1837-03-31-06-Revealing Probe Into U.S. Educational System
1838-04-03-06-Christian Education Group Caves to Homosexuals
1839-04-09-06-Decoding Da Vinci
1840-04-09-06-California Bill is 'Sexual-Agenda Bomb'
1841-04-23-06-Fed. Govt. Study Claims Public Schools are Better
1842-04-23-06-Alliance e-Series Messages
1843-04-23-06-_Time_ Reports Govt Ed Failure
1844-04-27-06-2006 SBC Ed Resolution
1845-04-30-06-School Risk Audit
1846-05-06-06-SBC Committee Letter Writing Campaign
1847-05-07-06-What is a Young-Earth Worldview?
1848-05-13-06-'Keeping Your Children Away' From False Teachers
1849-05-20-06-10 Reasons To Bring Your Child Home Now
1850-05-21-06-Second-Hand Humanism
1851-05-28-06-Exit Strategy -- Let Our Children Go!
1852-05-28-06-Parents, Listen Up!
1853-06-07-06-Unintended Consequences of Preschool
1854-06-07-06-Adam, Eve and T. Rex
1855-06-09-06-Support Builds for Southern Baptist 'Exit Strategy' 
1856-06-15-06-2006 SBC Annual Meeting Update
1857-06-17-06-According to Whose Opinion
1858-06-25-06-'Public Education Against America' Reviewed
1859-06-25-06-Museum Guide for the Creation-Minded
1860-07-03-06-The 'Legality' of Homeschooling
1861-07-09-06-Why Do We Need Compulsory Attendance Laws?
1862-07-09-06-CEANet NewsClips May 4 to July 5, 2006
1863-07-18-06-E. Ray Moore, Jr. to Appear on National Sat. Network
1864-07-27-06-Dangers of Govt Schools on National Radio 
1865-07-29-06-Serious Preaching
1866-08-04-06-How On Earth Do I Answer This One?
1867-08-08-06-Millstones & Stumbling Blocks
1868-08-18-06-Confessions of a Resolution Recidivist
1869-08-23-06-Television Documentary Links Darwin and Hitler
1870-08-23-06-The Idolatry of Education
1871-08-27-06-What's Really Wrong with Public Schools?
1872-08-30-06-Why Most Pastors Fail to Address Education
1873-09-04-06-Make It Your Ambition
1874-09-04-06-California Christians Urged to Yank Kids
1875-09-12-06-What Most People Don't Understand About Christian Ed
1876-09-12-06-Why You Should Homeschool Your Christian Child 
1877-09-18-06-Judge, Please Don't Strike That Gavel 
1878-09-18-06-German Govt Imprisons Homeschool Mom
1879-09-26-06-Pro-Life Essay Contest for Homeschoolers
1880-09-26-06-An Inside Look at the John Birch Society
1881-10-03-06-Court Upholds Germany's Ban on Homeschooling
1882-10-03-06-Science Teachers with Biblical Worldview
1883-10-07-06-Genesis and Justice
1884-10-14-06-Great Expectations
1885-10-14-06-Parents Pull Kids Out of Public Schools
1886-10-18-06-Exit Strategy Gaining Momentum
1887-10-22-06-Parental Rights - Are They In Jeopardy?
1888-10-29-06-What's Inside the Trojan Horse?
1889-11-05-06-Religious Humanism In Public Schools
1890-11-05-06-Why the Government Still Scares Homeschoolers
1891-11-14-06-Special Message from E. Ray Moore, Jr.
1892-11-14-06-All That I Have
1893-11-24-06-The End of Schooling
1894-11-24-06-Education for Sustainable Tyranny
1895-12-01-06-Psychology as Religion
1896-12-01-06-Contemplative Spirituality
1897-12-04-06-What Rick Warren Wants
1898-12-12-06-How Has the Bible Been Disconnected?
1899-12-12-06-Can the Free Market Provide Public Education?
1900-12-29-06-The Sin of Silence


1901-01-04-07-Homeschool Regulation: The Revenge of the Failures
1902-01-10-07-Faithful Parents Faithful Children
1903-01-14-07-Homeschooling Family to Family on PBS
1904-01-21-07-A Rabbi's Warning to U.S. Christians
1905-01-28-07-How Public School Cause Social Conflict
1906-01-28-07-Tucker Plan Includes Cradle Control
1907-02-15-07-What About Public School?
1908-02-21-07-Freedom is . . .
1909-02-26-07-Homeschool Family Told to Give Up 5 Other Children
1910-03-05-07-Debunking the Excuses Against Christian Education
1911-03-08-07-A Call for the Separation of School and State
1912-03-14-07-Education's Rising Costs, Sinking Scores
1913-03-14-07-Restoring Parental Responsibility for Education
1914-03-19-07-Why This Christian Fights School Levies
1915-03-29-07-Don't Give Away the Spiritual Custody of Your Children
1916-04-07-07-Global Warming -- Are We To Blame?
1917-04-10-07-What is the Biblical Purpose of Education?
1918-04-18-07-What Colleges Don't Teach
1919-04-29-07-Where Are The Shepherds?
1920-05-02-07-Call to Expand Christian Ed. Gains Momentum 
1921-05-09-07-'Raising Children on a Godly Foundation' 
1922-05-15-07-Christians need Exodus from 'Pharoah's system'
1923-05-15-07-The Continuing Collapse
1924-05-24-07-AiG Creation Museum Opens May 28, 2007
1925-05-24-07-Evolution Handbook - 992 Pages
1926-06-01-07-The Snare of College Accreditation
1927-06-07-07-TRACS -- Christian Worldview College Accreditation
1928-06-08-07-The Temptations of Christian Colleges
1929-06-16-07-Special Message From E. Ray Moore, Jr. 
1930-06-23-07-'The Christian Prince' by Buddy Hanson
1931-06-29-07-EdWatch's 'Issues and Action in Education' 
1932-06-29-07-2007 SBC Annual Meeting - Significant Progress
1933-07-07-07-Teaching Reading From Birth On
1934-07-14-07-Coach Dave on 'Issues in Education'
1935-07-15-07-Special Report: Awana Goes Contemplative
1936-07-20-07-DVD Documentaries by Caryl Matrisciana
1937-07-29-07-Legalized Child Abuse
1938-08-05-07-CEANet Tribute to Saint Louis MetroVoice
1939-08-12-07-Texas Attorney's THE CONTINUING COLLAPSE
1940-08-15-07-Beware Before It Is Too Late 
1941-08-19-07-'HOME Where They Belong' Video at You Tube
1942-08-24-07-Exodus Mandate to Celebrate 10th Anniversary
1943-09-01-07-'Indoctrinate U' to Premiere at Kennedy Ctr, DC
1944-09-08-07-Behavior Worth Medicating?
1945-09-08-07-Take Ownership of Children's Education
1946-09-10-07-Take Ownership of Children's Education Pt 2
1947-09-12-07-Take Ownership of Children's Education Pt 3
1948-09-20-07-Oct. 9, 2007 -- Exodus Mandate's 10th Anniversary 
1949-09-26-07-Just How Bad Are Our Schools?
1950-10-02-07-Education in Colonial America
1951-10-08-07-How To Catch Wild Pigs
1952-10-13-07-Exodus Mandate Celebrates 10 Years in Homeschooling Movement
1953-10-21-07-Technologically Challenged
1954-10-27-07-What About Public School? 
1955-11-07-07-Free homeschool DVD package for families considering homeschooling.
1956-11-12-07-Latest Grounds for Abandoning Government Schools
1957-11-17-07-Consequences of Darwinism and Scientific Materialism
1958-11-19-07-Exodus Call from California Schools
1960-12-05-07-Origins of Federal Control Over Education
1961-12-05-07-New Radio Show - 'Homeschooling For Life'
1962-12-13-07-American Education Fails Because It Isn't Education
1963-12-17-07-'Bottom Line Theology' by Buddy Hanson
1964-12-28-07-Woman abandons home to escape public schools
1965-12-29-07-Exclusive Interview: Huckabee on Education and School Choice
1966-01-07-08-Home Education: A Compelling Documentary
1967-01-08-08-'Leaving School - Finding Education'
1968-01-13-08-And We Call This Education?
1969-01-18-08-The New Prohibition
1970-01-25-08-'The Children of Caesar' DVD Set
1971-01-25-08-Online OpenCourseWare Consortium
1972-02-03-08-Online Christian Distance Learning Directory
1973-02-03-08-40 Homeschool Samples
1974-02-08-08-Introducing California Exodus  
1975-02-16-08-What's with All These Clueless Christians
1976-02-23-08-California's Comulsory, Gender-Bender Education
1977-02-23-08-ifferences Between Christian Schools and Public Schools
1978-03-03-08-Impact of Govt. Education Upon the Church
1979-03-05-08-CA Appellate Court Tries to Prevent Exodus
1980-03-12-08-Steady Creep of Socialism in America
1981-03-19-08-America's Educational Crisis --- A Christian Response
1982-03-24-08-Cal Thomas on California Exodus
1983-04-02-08-Your Child Is Not State Property
1984-04-07-08-What If Public Schools Were Abolished?
1985-04-14-08-EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed (info links)
1986-04-15-08-The film 'THEY' don't want you to see!
1987-04-28-08-Seek Godly Authority to Confer Degrees and Diplomas
1988-04-28-08-Contemporary Paganism and the New Spirituality
1989-05-04-08-'Expelled' Reviewed by Lee Duigon
1990-05-05-08-America's Interests and the U.N.
1991-05-12-08-Homeschooling Under Fire!
1992-05-12-08-Ben Stein's Visit with the Missouri Legislature
1993-05-26-08-Making Your 52 Daily READS
1994-05-26-08-Gov. Arnold -- Let homeschooling continue
1995-05-26-08-Sheep Without Shepherds
1996-06-04-08-2008 SBC Christian Education Resolution
1997-06-09-08-Restoration of Free Speech from the Pulpits
1998-06-18-08-SBC Caves: No 'Exodus' from California Schools
1999-06-30-08-Anti-Christian Bias in Education
2000-07-04-08-Where Are We Going?


2001-07-17-08-The Fed's Cure for "Nature Deficit Disorder"
2002-07-19-08-Academia to high schools: No God allowed 
2003-07-30-08-Is There a 'War' Between Science and Religion?
2004-08-11-08-What About Theistic Evolution?
2005-08-27-08-Is the Right to Homeschool in the Constitution?
2006-09-13-08-Christian Education Bumper Stickers and Yard Signs
2008-09-29-08-Why God Needs to be the Foundation of Education
2009-10-05-08-You Don't Pay Twice To Homeschool Your Children
2010-10-10-08-How to Control the Growth of Your School District Budget
2011-10-26-08-'Expelled' Released on DVD, Recommeded by CEANet
2012-11-03-08-Children of the state
2013-11-07-08-Marshall Fritz - RIP
2014-11-13-08-Public School System: Lovers or Haters of God?
2015-11-21-08-Abandon Ship
2016-12-08-08-Rescue your kids from Caesar!
2017-12-15-08-Government Education Is Broken? It Just Ain't So!
2018-12-22-08-Dr. Brian D. Ray Recipient of Christian Leadership Award
2019-01-05-09-Christians Called to Mass Exodus from Public Schools
2020-01-12-09-Like it or not, you pay for faith in evolution
2021-01-12-09-Ron Paul's Tribute Honoring Marshall Fritz
2022-01-26-09-10 Big Reasons NOT to Send Christian Kids to Public Schools
2023-01-30-09-Jesus is coming - where are your children?
2024-02-09-09-Slaughter of the Dissidents - Book Review
2025-02-15-09-Exodus Mandate Report Card
2026-02-15-09-ICR's 'Acts and Facts' about Darwin
2027-03-01-09-The Iron Grip of Darwinism on Education
2028-03-17-09-Homeschoolers ordered into public classrooms
2029-03-28-09-How to De-Program Yourself
2030-04-07-09-What About Socialism and Communism?
2031-04-19-09-John 1:1-5, Creation and Rationality
2032-05-04-09-Education -- Followers of the World or Followers of Christ? 
2033-05-10-09-Consensus Science: The Rise of a Scientific Elite
2034-05-18-09-The Socialization of America
2035-05-31-09-Is Congress Moving Toward Nationalized Standards?
2036-06-03-09-SBC is Taking a New Direction in Education
2037-06-11-09-A Major Force in Education -- Homeschooling in America
2038-06-15-09-Already Gone: Why your kids will quit church
2039-06-17-09-The church: An accomplice to Marxism in our schools
2040-06-28-09-Churches and Homeschooling Families
2041-07-13-09-Government's Dim Bulbs
2042-07-21-09-The Continuing Collapse - July 2009
2043-07-23-09-Calls Needed to Congress About National Healthcare Bill
2044-08-05-09-Top 5 Reasons NOT to Send Your Kids Back to Public School
2045-08-10-09-Alliance e-Bulletin on Federal Govt Heath Care
2046-08-18-09-Surviving Secular College
2047-08-24-09-Public School?  What you should know
2048-09-02-09-Court Orders Christian Girl into Govt School
2049-09-07-09-President's Speech to America's Students
2050-09-19-09-The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy
2051-09-26-09-Genesis: Real, Reliable, Historical
2052-10-12-09-Public Schools: Education or Indoctrination?
2053-10-19-09-Is America a Christian Nation? - A prayer request
2054-11-08-09-E. Ray Moore Debate Follow-Up Message
2055-11-17-09-Exodus Mandate Overview of 2009
2056-11-26-09-THE CONTINUING COLLAPSE, November, Anno Domini 2009
2058-12-24-09-'The Time Has Come' by Mark Alexander
2059-01-04-10-Environmentalism: The Triumph of Politics
2060-01-29-10-Paul and Gena Suarez Recipients of 2009 Award
2061-01-29-10-Quotations and Code Red for America DVD
2062-02-05-10-Homeschool Evangelism
2063-02-17-10-A Christian Education Manifesto
2064-02-23-10-In Memoriam -- Christopher J. Klicka

2065-03-08-10-Indoctrination without Apology report

2066-03-22-10-Homeschooler - Is College Right For You?

2067-03-29-10-U.S. Immigration Opposes Asylum Decision

2068-04-12-10-IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America

2069-04-23-10-How Government Corrupts Science

2070-05-02-10-Saving Souls -- Losing Freedom

2071-05-16-10-The Church of No Offense

2072-05-24-10-THE CONTINUING COLLAPSE -- May 2010

2073-06-02-10-The Socialization of Education

2074-06-12-10-Islam: The New Marxism?

2075-06-21-10-Keep Government Out of the Schools

2076-07-11-10-Answers for Pastors Conference 2010

2077-07-27-10-'Lose Christianity or Face Expulsion'

2078-08-06-10-Update: 'Indoctrination - Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America'

2079-08-14-10-Over 30 States Adopt National Education Standards

2080-08-30-10-Bus Tour Exposes 'IndoctriNation' in Public Schools

2081-09-05-10-Millions of children won't be getting on buses this fall

2082-09-06-10-What If You Are Wrong?

2083-09-11-10-Exposing The Plan

2084-09-21-10-Couple Writes New Book to Strengthen Christian Families

2085-10-11-10-Woe to Silent Pastors

2086-10-20-10-Gov't schools hoodwink Christian parents

2087-11-01-10-The Continuing Collapse, October 2010

2088-11-10-10-Idealized Islam

2089-11-23-10-Green Invasion of the Christian Churches

2090-12-07-10-Has Noah's Ark Been Found in Kentucky?

2091-12-23-10-"Merry ______mas"

2092-01-04-11-Forget Congress -- States Must Boot Federal Dept. of Ed.

2093-01-10-11-IndoctriNation Movie Update

2094-01-17-11-Loughner, A Product of Systems Education?

2095-02-15-11- Govt Mandated Admiration for Sin

2096-02-23-11-Your Hometown and the United Nations’ Agenda 21

2097-03-07-11- Due to host error, skip and move on to message 2098

2098-03-07-11-Book -- Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World


2100-04-14-11-The War Over Your Children's Hearts and Minds




2101-04-25-11-Waiting for SuperNatural in Public School Education?

2102-05-15-11-American Education Fails Because It Isn't Education

2103-05-27-11-Homeschooling and the clueless Miss Marple

2104-06-19-11-Who Needs a Father?

2105-06-21-11-Brainwashed to believe in evolution



2108-07-28-11-Message from Rev. E. Ray Moore, Jr., of Exodus Mandate

2109-08-10-11-A Teacher Questions Compulsory Schooling

2110-08-24-11-Classical Schools: Back to a Better Education

2111-08-30-11-COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE

2112-09-12-11-Jesus is coming - where are your children?

2113-09-27-11-180 Movie

2114-09-30-11-Update from Frontline Ministries and Exodus Mandate

2115-10-16-11-Drop the Christian Argument?

2116-10-22-11-IndoctriNation DVD released October 18, 2011

2117-10-28-11-Why the Church Must Emphasize Creation

2118-11-14-11-Education's Armageddon

2119-11-21-11-Govt. Invasion of Parental Rights

2120-12-02-11-The Apostasy of the Church

2121-12-16-11-Can Darkness Teach Light?

2122-12-31-11-Moral Relativism and the Crisis of Contemporary Education

2123-01-15-12-Education, Liberty, and the Bible

2124-01-28-12-The Last Defense of Public Education

2125-02-07-12-Meaning and History of the Constitution

2126-02-24-12-Rescue the Perishing

2127-03-03-12-Movie -- 'IndoctriNation' wins documentary film award

2128-03-14-12-Who Speaks for Science? 

2129-04-16-12-War on U.S. Homeschoolers Escalates 


2131-06-04-12-Evolution to Fall In 2012?

2132-06-18-12-Guest Commentary: The Speech You Never Heard

2133-07-10-12-America's Founding Fathers and Creationism

2134-08-02-12-Scientists' creed: We don't know

2135-08-20-12-The Unteachables: A Generation that Cannot Learn

2136-08-29-12-What About Freedom of Education?

2137-09-11-12-Agenda: Grinding America Down

2138-10-17-12-Book Review -- Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity

2139-11-02-12-School at Home or Homeschooling?

2140-11-11-12-Developing a Long-Term Post-Election Strategy

2141-11-27-12-On Choosing Leaders

2142-12-15-12-Ending Progressive Public Education

2143-01-01-13-Did Math Evolve?

2144-02-17-13-Homeschoolers Worldwide Join Forces

2145-03-25-13-Evolutionary Psychology: Why it Fails as a Science and is Dangerous

2146-04-02-13-Evidence for a God Authored Bible

2147-04-16-13-Ken Ham Renounces Creation, Embraces Evolution!

2148-05-06-13-Do you have a right to direct your child's education?

2149-06-02-13-Being a Pastor and Speaking Out in Today's Culture

2150-07-02-13-DOJ: Governments Can Punish Homeschoolers

2151-07-15-13-The Religion of Ignorance Brings Tyranny

2152-08-13-13-Is Science Secular?

2153-08-19-13-The Most Important Issue

2154-09-06-13-Education Articles of Interest

2155-10-01-13-Truth Behind Common Core Video

2156-11-18-13-CURE and Operation Jericho

2157-12-31-13-What If My Pastor Avoids Genesis?

2158-01-22-14-Church Must Call for Exodus from Public Schools

2159-03-03-14-Supreme Court Declines Romeike Asylum Case

2160-03-10-14-Exodus Mandate Director Runs for Lt. Gov.

2161-04-28-14-Opening the Preschool Door to Nationalization


2163-06-19-14-Do Christians Sin by Putting Kids in Public School?

2164-07-15-14-Who Owns Your Children? Free Video

2165-09-09-14-Here's your ticket out of Common Core

2166-02-09-15-The Battle for a Generation: Focus on Education

2167-04-17-15-Awakening the Church to Public Education

2168-08-10-15-Trailer for New Education Documentary

2169-09-22-15-Film Review - Escaping Common Core

2170-03-29-16-Indoctrination, Population Control and Climate Change

2171-07-24-16-God's Education Plan


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