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1201-03-29-01-POINTS of INTEREST, March 29, 2001
1202-03-29-01-The Soulless Society: Why Kids Kill
1203-04-06-01-Govt. Encroachment on Churches - Solely State Aggression?
1204-04-06-01-Close the Department of Education
1205-04-07-01-Whose Children? (Part 1 of 2)
1206-04-07-01-Whose Children? (Part 2 of 2)
1207-04-14-01-Rethinking Romans 13
1208-04-14-01-It's Up to Parents
1209-04-20-01-Motherhood Gets a Face-lift
1210-04-20-01-Slippery Slide to Unbelief
1211-05-04-01-Ten Reasons to Liberate Schools from Politics
1212-05-04-01-Daycare Bombshell Hits The "Village"
1213-05-04-01-Physics, Faith and the FBI
1214-05-13-01-A Very Bad Deal
1215-05-18-01-How to Send Your Children to Hell
1216-05-18-01-Should Christians Stay in Public Schools?
1217-05-18-01-Quotations from the Federalist Brief
1218-05-18-01-Are Children Deliberately 'Dumbed Down' in School?
1219-05-24-01-Before the Public Schools
1220-05-31-01-Confessions of a Reactionary Utopian
1221-05-31-01-Effect of Darwinism on Morality and Christianity
1222-05-31-01-Resource Offers
1223-06-08-01-Christianity: Mother of Political Liberty
1224-06-08-01-Catch-22 of Government Education
1225-06-08-01-The War Against Genesis 1
1126-06-13-01-Let My Children Go - (Part 1 of 2)
1127-06-13-01-Let My Children Go - (Part 2 of 2)
1228-06-27-01-In Memory of David and Ann Drye
1229-06-27-01-Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE)
1230-06-27-01-Federalist on BSA (Editorial)
1231-07-11-01-Should Christians Stay in Public Schools?
1232-07-12-01-Forcefully Advancing (Part 1 of 4)
1233-07-12-01-Forcefully Advancing (Part 2 of 4)
1234-07-12-01-Forcefully Advancing (Part 3 of 4)
1235-07-12-01-Forcefully Advancing (Part 4 of 4)
1236-07-16-01-Public Schools are Beyond Reform and Redemption
1237-07-16-01-Evolution Fraud in Current Biology Textbooks
1238-07-24-01-_Time_ Magazine's New Ape-Man
1239-07-26-01-Is There a Perfect Curriculum?
1240-07-26-01-The Other Half of the Wretched School Failure Story
1241-08-01-01-Worldview Test
1242-08-02-01-Why ICR--and Why Now?
1243-08-02-01-CHEA Cancels William J. Bennett
1244-08-09-01-Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged
1244B08-11-01-Harry Potter Documentary Contact Info
1245-08-12-01-Mother Teresa Could Not Take Faith-Based Money
1246-08-15-01-Developing a Christian Worldview
1247-08-15-01-Tyranny Naked
1248-08-15-01-Never Been Kissed: A Home-School Love Story
1249-08-17-01-Potter books: Wicked Witchcraft?
1250-08-26-01-Education -- Have It Your Way?
1251-08-27-01-Board Votes Against 'In God We Trust' Posters
1252-08-30-01-Let's Debate
1253-08-30-01-Pulling Kids Out of Government Schools, Part 1
1254-08-30-01-Pulling Kids Out of Government Schools, Part 2
1255-09-04-01-Engaging the Debate!
1256-09-04-01-The Debate is Engaged!
1257-09-04-01-Alliance for the Separation of School and State
1258-09-04-01-Does the Ends Justify the Means?
1259-09-10-01-Slave Training
1260-09-10-01-How Not to Defend Evolution
1261-09-10-01-The World's Most Unselfish Act
1262-09-20-01-Where Was God?
1263-09-20-01-Rise of the American Empire
1264-10-06-01-Answers to PBS Evolution Series
1265-10-06-01-We Are Losing Our Children
1266-10-17-01-PBS’s _Evolution_ - The Broadcast of an Ideology
1267-10-18-01-Believing the Unbelievable
1268-10-22-01-What is CEANet? (Save and Share)
1269-10-22-01-Government Holds Parents Accountable
1270-10-22-01-Education Reform Dabbling
1271-11-01-01-Creation Magazine Opened My Eyes to the Gospel!
1272-11-01-01-Is it Possible to be a Christian and an Evolutionist?
1273-11-01-01-Harry Potter, Socery and Fantasy Part 1 of 2
1274-11-01-01-Harry Potter, Socery and Fantasy Part 2 of 2
1275-11-05-01-Postmodernism: The 'Spirit of the Age'
1276-11-08-01-Potter Movie and Books (Corrected Copy)
1277-11-14-01-Why Johnny Can't Think
1278-11-14-01-When Social Workers Come Knocking
1279-11-14-01-Battles Over Federal Education Bill
1280-11-24-01-Are Christians Free to Teach the Truth?
1281-11-24-01-Not under Harry’s Spell
1282-11-24-01-Congress 'Protects' Homeschoolers?
1283-11-24-01-POINTS of INTEREST, Nov. 24, 2001
1284-12-03-01-Understanding Today's Postmodern University
1285-12-03-01-Fed Govt Control of Careers
1286-12-03-01-SepCon 2002 Dates Set
1287-12-11-01-A Beacon in the Night
1288-12-20-01-The Mystery of Suffering, Part 1 of 2
1289-12-20-01-The Mystery of Suffering, Part 2 of 2
1290-12-20-01-The Power of Ideas
1291-12-21-01-Christmas 2001 Message
1292-12-28-01-Self-Praise Doesn't Guarantee Results
1293-12-28-01-Compulsory Schooling
1294-12-28-01-More On Compulsory Schooling
1295-12-28-01-New Years Prayer
1296-01-12-02-'I Know Nothing!'
1297-01-12-02-Who Controls Our Children's Education?
1298-01-12-02-Does God Have a Claim On Your Child?
1299-01-15-02-POINTS of INTEREST, January 15, 2002
1300-01-23-02-Federal Role in Education Expands


1301-01-23-02-Bush's Education Program Repeats Past Failures
1302-01-23-02-Nehemiah Institute Newsletter and Web Site
1303-01-23-02-Emerging Threats to United States National Security
1304-01-23-02-Bush, Kennedy Work On Preschool Plan
1305-01-30-02-Charter Schools: The Price is Too High, Part 1 of 2
1306-01-30-02-Charter Schools: The Price is Too High, Part 2 of 2
1307-02-04-02-Nehemiah Newsletter
1308-02-04-02-Public Schools - Working Just as Designed
1309-02-04-02-Unhealthy Contamination?
1310-02-04-02-Fast Food Work Replaces School
1311-02-10-02-Media Bias Matches UNESCO Intolerance
1312-02-10-02-How Did We Lose America?
1313-02-10-02-Ohio Tackles Evolution Controversy
1314-02-10-02-Christian Students Lack Biblical Worldview
1315-02-13-02-The State -- Systematized Force
1316-02-18-02-'Bully' For You
1317-02-18-02-Belief in Evolution Effects Law and History
1318-02-18-02-What's New at Worldview Weekend
1319-03-02-02-No Retreats, No Reserves, No Regrets, Part 1 of 2
1320-03-02-02-No Retreats, No Reserves, No Regrets, Part 2 of 2
1321-03-02-02-Marshall Fritz's Temporary Reduction of Activities
1322-03-08-02-Public Education Just a Form of Empty Obedience
1323-03-08-02-Try It and See
1324-03-08-02-The Social Worker At Your Door -- 10 Helpful Hints
1325-03-21-02-Dr. James Dobson's Call to Action
1326-03-24-02-Fed Ed Destroying America's Future
1327-03-24-02-UK Naturalists Fear Creation Fundamentalists
1328-03-24-02-Statists Want to Regulate Home Education with Vigilance
1329-03-26-02-Host Response to Reich Essay
1330-03-27-02-Roxanne's Response to Reich's Essay
1331-03-27-02-Rob Reich Reply to CEANet Host
1332-03-28-02-Host Reply to Rob Reich March 27 E-mail
1333-03-28-02-Dobson Calls for Exodus from CA Public Schools
1334-04-08-02-Deuteronomy and the Public School Question
1335-04-08-02-Things You May Not Know About Evolution
1336-04-08-02-Passing the Torch of Creation
1337-04-09-02-Classical Chistian Educator Conference
1338-04-17-02-Anti-Public School Movement Grows
1339-04-23-02-The Menace of Relativism
1340-04-23-02-The Fellowship of the Ruling
1341-04-23-02-Making The Connections
1342-04-23-02-Special Message from Marshall Fritz
1343-04-30-02-High School Students' Worldviews and Attitudes
1344-04-30-02-Socialization Myth
1345-04-30-02-Abandon Government Schools
1346-05-07-02-Marshall Fritz and Rev. E. Ray Moore Interview
1347-05-07-02-Logical Inversions
1348-05-07-02-Ken Ham Sparks Uproar in Britain!
1349-05-07-02-Graydon Response to Reich's Homeschooling Essay
1350-05-19-02-Standing Strong in a Confused Culture, Pt. 1 of 2
1351-05-19-02-Standing Strong in a Confused Culture, Pt. 2 of 2
1352-05-19-02-_Thinking Like a Christian_
1353-05-23-02-New Book -- _Let My Children Go_
1354-06-04-02-Book Review -- _Let My Children Go_
1355-06-20-02-Let My Children Go -- CENTRAL
1356-06-24-02-Eisegesis: A Genesis Virus (Part 1 of 2)
1357-06-24-02-Eisegesis: A Genesis Virus (Part 2 of 2)
1358-06-27-02-Pledge Banned? Pull Your Children Out!
1359-07-02-02-Dumbing Down Schools to Please the Feds
1360-07-02-02-_Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview_
1361-07-02-02-Abstaining from Government Abstinence Education
1362-07-09-02-Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview CENTRAL
1363-07-09-02-Vouchers and Government Control
1364-07-14-02-Yank Your Kids Out of School
1365-07-19-02-Dobson Discusses "Pulling Kids From Public School"
1366-07-19-02-Dobson's Exodus Call in _Christianity Today_
1367-07-22-02-One Nation Under the State? (Part 1 of 2)
1368-07-22-02-One Nation Under the State? (Part 2 of 2)
1369-07-22-02-Pledge Decision -- Should Christians be Upset?
1370-07-26-02-Don't Sacrifice Your Children
1371-07-26-02-More Government-School Bashing
1372-07-29-02-The Creation Basis for Morality
1373-07-29-02-I Could Turn Your Children Into Communists (Part 1 of 2)
1374-07-29-02-I Could Turn Your Children Into Communists (Part 2 of 2)
1375-07-29-02-‘Get Our Kids Out’
1376-08-12-02-Why Are Christians Losing America?
1377-08-12-02-It All Begins with Genesis
1378-08-12-02-A 15-Point Reply to Rennie
1379-08-18-02-Education: What Pastors and Parents Need to Know
1380-08-18-02-Don’t Grow Weary in Doing Good
1381-08-18-02-Special Report from Brannon Howse
1382-09-02-02-Home-schooling illegal in California?
1383-09-02-02-Public Education vs.Homeschoolers
1384-09-02-02-Needed Prayer for Christian Schools
1385-09-02-02-Dabney's Day
1386-09-09-02-Home School Backlash
1387-09-09-02-_The School Liberator_
1388-09-09-02-Public Schools are Destroying the American Brain
1389-09-09-02-Public Education vs. Liberty
1390-09-15-02-Exodus Mandate in _NW Christian Times_
1391-09-15-02-Book Review -- Christianity on Trial
1392-09-15-02-BMOC: Big Mandate on Campus
1393-09-23-02-Review of _Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview_
1394-09-23-02-The New World Religion
1395-09-29-02-Separation of Church and Faith
1396-09-29-02-How Do You Know the Bible is True?
1397-09-29-02-Assessed for Bias
1398-10-21-02-New ED Office to Support Parent Involvement
1399-10-21-02-Why We Need to Reject Education Food Stamps
1400-10-21-02-The Necessity For Creationism (Part 1)


1401-10-21-02-The Necessity For Creationism (Part 2)
1402-10-29-02-How Govt. Control Ruined Education
1403-10-29-02-Muzzling Conservative Pastors
1404-10-29-02-AiG New Creation Resources
1405-11-05-02-_Whistleblower_ -- Flight from Public Schools
1406-11-07-02-Will UN Resolution Impact Homeschooling?
1407-11-07-02-Funding A Centralized Federal Workforce
1408-11-12-02-Why Christians Don't Belong in Government Schools-1
1409-11-13-02-Why Christians Don't Belong in Government Schools-2
1410-11-14-02-Why Christians Don't Belong in Government Schools-3
1411-11-24-02-Radio Debate -- Jamaican Joust
1412-11-24-02-Genesis -- Foundational to Christianity
1413-11-24-02-What Are Your Kids Learning?
1414-11-24-02-What's Really Wrong with Public Schools?
1415-11-24-02-Impact of Creationism on the Social Sciences
1416-11-27-02-Thanksgiving Day Message
1417-12-08-02-Yates Review of _Let My Children Go_
1418-12-08-02-Christmas Letter from E. Ray Moore, Jr.
1419-12-08-02-A Christmas to Remember
1420-12-16-02-Merry Christmas from the Kent Family
1421-12-16-02-AiG's Home Education Weekly News (HEWN)
1422-12-16-02-Implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act
1423-12-24-02-Letter from Marshall Fritz
1424-01-01-03-Message to Christian Leaders
1425-01-06-03-Creation Writing Contest
1426-01-06-03-Imagine There's a Heaven
1427-01-06-03-Worldview Weekend 2003 Schedule
1428-01-13-03-Education -- Creation Matters (Part 1 of 2)
1429-01-13-03-Education -- Creation Matters (Part 2 of 2)
1430-01-13-03-Christian Education -- Is it Isolationist?
1431-01-19-03-WARNING to all Christian and Church-Based Schools
1432-01-19-03-How God Saved My Son
1433-01-26-03-Who Invented the Flat Earth?
1434-01-26-03-The Case for American Christian History
1435-01-27-03-Time for Public Schools to Throw in the Towel
1436-02-04-03-Impact of a Father's Involvement
1437-02-04-03-Benjamin Spock, on Darwin and Morality
1438-02-04-03-Worldview Academy Leadership Camps 2003
1439-02-10-03-Christian Ed Leadership and Admin Conference
1440-02-10-03-Worldview Matters Puts Spotlight on Truth
1441-02-16-03-Is Home Education Out?
1442-02-16-03-Let the U.N. Die
1443-02-17-03-Parental Involvement in Education
1444-02-25-03-Reclaiming Family Life
1445-03-02-03-Arrogance and Ignorance
1446-03-02-03-Ham on University Anti-Christian Bigotry
1447-03-02-03-School Liberator 2-27-03
1448-03-11-03-Amendment -- Separation of Atheism and State Part 1
1449-03-11-03-Amendment -- Separation of Atheism and State Part 2
1450-03-11-03-The Case for Christian Education
1451-03-11-03-U.N. - Stay in or Get Out?
1452-03-16-03-Christian Worldview Instruction, Testing and Grading
1453-03-16-03-State Constitutions on Education
1454-03-16-03-Why We're Going to Liberate Iraq, Part 1 of 2
1455-03-16-03-Why We're Going to Liberate Iraq, Part 2 of 2
1456-03-23-03-Priority of Kingdom Education
1457-03-23-03-AIG Home Education Weekly News
1458-03-24-03-Recent Trends in Govt Education
1459-04-10-03-A Timely Proposal
1460-04-15-03-Maranatha SchoolWatch, 4-14-2003
1461-04-15-03-Home Schooling No Longer Domain of Pioneers
1462-04-15-03-Ignorance of U.S. History Threat to Security
1463-04-15-03-Lessons from a Freshly Freed People
1464-04-24-03-Feeling Like a Failure?
1465-04-24-03-The Intolerance of Secretary Paige's Accusers
1466-04-24-03-How Many Social Workers Does Your District Have?
1467-05-01-03-The Boom in Homeschool Conventions
1468-05-01-03-CEANet Website URL Listing, 5-2003
1469-05-06-03-America's Public Schools - Still Risky
1470-05-06-03-Why Christian Education?
1471-05-07-03-WARNING -- Public Schools Aren't for Christians
1472-05-07-03-Get Out of the U.N.!
1473-05-17-03-Humanism Inside Christian Education
1474-05-17-03-Why the U.N. Can Never Bring Peace
1475-05-20-03-Columnist Linda Bowles Dies
1476-05-20-03-NEA's Death Grip on School Must Be Broken
1477-05-22-03-Evolution Inside Christian Education
1478-05-29-03-DVD Update - _Harry Potter: Repackaging Witchcraft_
1479-05-29-03-_The New Barbarians: Training Children to Kill_
1480-05-29-03-University Model School Increases Parents' Options
1481-05-29-03-PNW Christ, Caesar and Education Family Camp
1482-06-03-03-California Homeschool Advocates Celebrate 'Victory'
1483-06-03-03-Is Progressive Creationism Scriptural?
1484-06-03-03-Classical and Christian Education Revisited
1485-06-08-03-Beware of Tax-Sponsored Homeschool Programs
1486-06-17-03-Update - PNW Christ, Caesar and Education Family Camp
1487-06-17-03-Unmuzzling America's Preachers
1488-06-17-03-Govt. Agents Confront Homeschooler
1489-06-17-03-What About Special-Ed Kids?
1490-06-25-03-Homeschoolers in the Trenches
1491-06-25-03-14-Year-Old Lands Article in Science Journal
1492-06-25-03-Thinking Like a Christian (Worldview Curriculum)
1493-07-02-03-Home Education Science Training Resource
1494-07-02-03-The School Liberator, June 26, 2003
1495-07-04-03-Federalist's Independence Day 2003 Special Edition
1496-07-09-03-CBD Interview with David Quine
1497-07-22-03-A Truly Christian Curriculum
1498-07-22-03-Pharaoh's chariots found in Red Sea
1499-07-29-03-The College and the Republic
1500-07-29-03-Homeschool Non-Discrimination Bill


1501-07-30-03-Ron Paul Addresses the U.S. House of Representatives
1502-08-03-03-More than just Bible Stories
1503-08-08-03-Constitutional Crisis in the Making
1504-08-08-03-Message from Donald Wildmon of AFA
1505-08-12-03-Home Training Tools' Science Explorations Newsletter
1506-08-12-03-Why Study Economics?
1507-08-19-03-Creation Scientists Aren't Real Scientists 
1508-08-19-03-Drugging Our Kids
1509-08-19-03-Update on Ten Commandments Case
1510-08-20-03-Special Edition -- 10 Commandments Showdown
1511-08-26-03-Origins of the Public School
1512-08-26-03-Can the Free Market Provide Public Education?
1513-08-26-03-_The Federalist_ Pespective on Judge Moore Case
1514-08-26-03-'In God I Trust' by Judge Roy Moore
1515-09-01-03-Keeping Homeschooling Private
1516-09-03-03-Socialism Kills
1517-09-03-03-Most Offensive Film Ever Made
1518-09-11-03-Have Public Schools Become a Criminal Enterprise
1519-09-11-03-Peripatetics --  Parent Power
1520-09-21-03-America's Failing Public School System
1521-09-21-03-God's Laws and the State
1522-09-26-03-Evolving Humanist Manifestos
1523-09-29-03-Educating for Ignorance
1524-09-29-03-Are You Greek or Hebrew?
1525-09-29-03-Judge Roy Moore to Address Pastors and Leaders
1526-10-09-03-Johnny Has Lost His Mind
1527-10-09-03-What is Education???
1528-10-09-03-Should We Have Government Schools?
1529-10-09-03-The Central Fallacy of Public Schooling
1530-10-16-03-CBS Attacks "Homeschooling"
1531-10-16-03-Homeschooler's Response to CBS News Bias
1532-10-16-03-Understanding 'Separation of Church and State'
1533-10-17-03-Court-Mandated Euthanasia in Florida
1534-10-17-03-WorldNetDaily Coverage of Terri Schiavo Case
1535-10-22-03-Ideas and Consequences: Public Money for Private Charity
1536-10-22-03-School-to-Work Alive and Well
1537-10-22-03-A Defense of Home Schooling
1538-10-22-03-J. Michael Smith's letter to Presidents of CBS and Viacom
1539-10-30-03-CEANet Clips 10-30-2003
1540-10-31-03-Socialization Myth Debunked
1541-10-31-03-'New Civics' Means 'Global Governance'
1542-11-07-03-Considering Homeschooling
1543-11-12-03-Flex the Brain -- Read!
1544-11-12-03-Judge Roy Moore -- A modern-day 'Braveheart'
1545-11-12-03-Political Economy of Educational Vouchers
1546-11-20-03-Chuck Baldwin on Roy Moore's Trial
1547-11-20-03-CEANet Promo Flyer-Insert Page
1548-11-20-03-Do Sunday Schools Need to Change Their Approach?
1549-11-25-03-Faith, Liberty, Morality, Law, and Education
1550-11-25-03-New Christian Worldview website
1551-12-02-03-Free Online Worldview Test
1552-12-02-03-TV, Consensus and the Dialectic Process
1553-12-02-03-Briefs from _The Federalist_
1554-12-04-03-Biblical Worldview Statistics
1555-12-11-03-Considering Homeschooling Free DVD
1556-12-11-03-Mental Preparation for Spiritual Warfare (Part 1)
1557-12-11-03-Mental Preparation for Spiritual Warfare (Part 2)
1558-12-16-03-J. Gresham Machen before Congress (Part 1)
1559-12-16-03-J. Gresham Machen before Congress (Part 2)
1560-12-16-03-Social Predation 101
1561-12-16-03-CEANet Internet Site Map, 12-2003
1562-12-21-03-Merry 'Winter Festival'
1563-12-26-03-Why Are We To Teach Them?
1564-12-26-03-Judicial Jihad
1565-12-26-03-The Young Earth Creation Club
1566-12-26-03-Last Message for 2003 -- CEANet Clips
1567-01-13-04-What Has Government Done to Our Families-1
1568-01-13-04-What Has Government Done to Our Families-2
1569-01-13-04-Maybe We Would Be Amazed
1570-01-20-04-Who's to Say
1571-01-21-04-Psychoanalyzing the Public
1572-01-21-04-'It's Not _Science_'
1573-01-27-04-Can Darkness Teach Light
1574-01-27-04-Holy Books
1575-01-27-04-_Annals of the World_ in English
1576-02-02-04-'Killer Culture': A Call to the Churches (Part 1 of 2)
1577-02-02-04-'Killer Culture': A Call to the Churches (Part 2 of 2)
1578-02-06-04-Spirit-Led or Humanist-Driven?
1579-02-11-04-'Free' Education and Literacy 
1580-02-11-04-Public School and What You're Up Against
1581-02-11-04-Operation -- Refuting Compromise
1582-02-15-04-'The Passion of the Christ'
1583-02-19-04-Time to End Judicial Tyranny
1584-02-19-04-Constitution vs. Rebellion and Fear
1585-02-25-04-Dr. James Dobson on 'The Passion'
1586-02-25-04-Persecution of Christians at Today's University
1587-02-26-04-AiG on 'The Passion of The Christ'
1588-02-29-04-Reasons Not to Go See _The Passion of the Christ_
1589-03-03-04-CEANet Education News Clips, 3-3-2004
1590-03-03-04-Why We Need Honest, Not Govt., Education
1591-03-09-04-Darwinian Roots of Judicial Activism
1592-03-10-04-Stop Judicial Activists -- Restore Constitutional Law
1593-03-10-04-God's Word vs. Govt. Curriculum
1594-03-10-04-Stray Pastors
1595-03-15-04-_Refuting Compromise_ by Jonathan Sarfati
1596-03-17-04-NY Christian Education Conference 2004
1597-03-17-04-U.N. Influence in U.S. Schools
1598-03-17-04-Dark Side of Globalism
1599-03-23-04-Whose Belief System?
1600-03-23-04-Taking the First Steps


1601-03-23-04-Public Schools--Are They Churches?
1602-03-30-04-Ten Commandments Controversy
1603-03-30-04-Proposed Bill to Limit Federal Courts
1604-03-30-04-Tantrums, Tears, and Tirades
1605-04-06-04-No Child Left Unbrainwashed
1606-04-10-04-_The Federalist_ Easter Edition
1607-04-10-04-The Passion of the Christian
1608-04-18-04-Evolution -- Fact or Faith
1609-04-18-04-CEANet Education News Clips, 3- and 4-2004
1610-04-23-04-Silenced on the Day of Silence
1611-04-23-04-Home School Books & Business Association (HSBBA)
1612-04-23-04-Appalachian Home School Headquarters
1613-04-23-04-April 27 Live Web Cast Announcement
1614-04-26-04-SBC Christian Education Resolution
1615-05-03-04-WND on SBC Christian Ed Res
1616-05-08-04-Sunday School, Monday School
1617-05-08-04-Secular versus Christian Education
1618-05-08-04-Righteousness or Republicanism
1619-05-15-04-The Slippery Slope of Secularism
1620-05-15-04-The Right Incentives Matter
1621-05-15-04-Resolution Hits the Nail on the Head
1622-05-20-04-Education and the Church
1623-05-20-04-CEANet Education News Clips 5-2004
1624-05-24-04-Nine Reasons for Not Using Public Schools
1625-05-28-04-The Tyranny of "Tolerance"
1626-05-28-04-Increasingly, Pupils Spell School 'H-O-M-E'
1627-05-28-04-Advocates: Home Schoolers Well-Adjusted
1628-06-03-04-Do You Know What Your 'Rights' Are?
1629-06-03-04-Not in Vain
1630-06-10-04-Update on SBC Ed Resolution
1631-06-10-04-'Engine' of Atheism
1632-06-10-04-Home Schooling: God's Idea
1633-06-16-04-The Time is Now for Exodus from Government Schools
1634-06-16-04-The Lordship of Christ in the Classroom
1635-06-16-04-Creation 'College' - July 21-25, 2004
1636-06-22-04-SBC Ed Res Update, 6-17-2004
1637-06-22-04-Validating Homeschooling for Christian Families -- 1
1638-06-22-04-Validating Homeschooling for Christian Families -- 2 Launched
1640-06-29-04-The Religious Nature of Education
1641-07-05-04-Access to Marshall Fritz SBC Interview
1642-07-06-04-Who's Responsible for Educating Your Children?
1643-07-06-04-EFF publishes magazine exposing NEA
1644-07-12-04-SBC Says NO to Exodus, But......
1645-07-12-04-State Schools Are Not 'Neutral,' -- They're Anti-God
1646-07-13-04-Slipping Before Darwin
1647-07-24-04-Pastor Responds to SBC
1648-07-24-04-J.Michael Smith on SBC Ed Res
1649-07-24-04-Federal Control Presses Forward in Washington, DC
1650-08-02-04-Considering Homeschooling Newsletter, July 2004
1651-08-03-04-Historical Education Considerations
1652-08-03-04-Ala. Ten Commandments Monument Opens Tour
1653-08-03-04-Teaching in Government Schools
1654-08-11-04-Homeschooling -- Receiving a Cutting-Edge Education
1655-08-11-04-Baptists Blew Their First Shot
1656-08-11-04-Christian Worldview Essay Contests
1657-08-18-04-America's Educational Crisis--How Did it Happen
1658-08-18-04-Southern Baptists Decide Not to Make History
1659-08-18-04-Homeschool Curriculum Boom
1660-08-26-04-Parent Power - Can It Help Public Education
1661-08-26-04-Who is Guarding the San Bernardino Strait
1662-09-01-04-PBS to Air 'The Question of God'
1663-09-02-04-CEANet News Clips, Sept 2, 2004
1664-09-08-04-Considering Homeschooling Ministry
1665-09-08-04-Baptists Start Homeschooling Organization
1666-09-08-04-Issues in Education Broadcasts
1667-09-15-04-UN Plan for YOUR Children
1668-09-15-04-Interview with Texas Attorney
1670-09-23-04-Truly Christian Education
1671-09-23-04-Science, Education, and Origins
1672-09-23-04-Special Message to Pastors and Parents
1673-09-30-04-Christian Education Revolution
1674-09-30-04-New Church Debate -- Education
1675-09-30-04-Christian-Education Push Goes to States
1676-10-07-04-NEA Resolutions Passed at 2004 Convention 
1677-10-07-04-Leave Sodom, and Don't Look Back!!
1678-10-07-04-Classical Education - One Mom's Story
1679-10-17-04-Agenda Behind America's High Illiteracy 
1680-10-17-04-Blood-Stained 'Century of Evolution'
1681-10-17-04-SepCon 2004, More Info and Links
1682-10-23-04-The Educational Octopus
1683-10-23-04-U.S. Dept of Ed Goes International
1684-10-23-04-Dan Rather, CBS, and SepCon 2004
1685-10-31-04-Steven Yates' New Book
1686-10-31-04-Potshots at Home Schooling
1687-10-31-04-Education Wisdom from History
1688-11-07-04-CEANet News Clips, Nov 2004
1689-11-07-04-Christian or State Education -- A Parental Choice?
1690-11-07-04-A Grad Offers Encouragement
1691-11-07-04-New Book by Texas Attorney
1692-11-13-04-Mandatory Mental Health Screening
1693-11-13-04-Considering Homeschooling Newsletter, 11-2004
1694-11-13-04-CEANet Host Goes to SepCon 2004
1695-11-28-04-Corruption of American Higher Education
1696-11-28-04-Mark Hamby and Lamplighter Publishing
1697-11-28-04-America's Educational Crisis--A Christian Response
1698-12-09-04-Perfect-Homeschooler Envy
1699-12-11-04-Hannity Calls for Exodus from Govt Schools
1700-12-11-04-_The Harsh Truth About Public Schools_


1701-12-13-04-Texas Attorney on _Faith Under Fire_ Pgm
1702-12-17-04-Power from the Pulpit
1703-12-26-04-Renewed Call for Exodus
1704-01-06-05-Thank You Texas Attorney
1705-01-06-05-Why Did I Go To SepCon 2004
1706-01-06-05-Considering Homeschooling Newsletter
1707-01-14-05-Judge Allows Religious Messages
1708-01-14-05-Have You Considered Homeschooling?
1709-01-14-05-Have Pastors Reliquished Their Citizenship?
1710-01-20-05-Greatest Mistake in American History
1711-01-25-05-Nehemiah Institute Newsletter
1712-01-27-05-The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
1713-02-06-05-On the 'Sin' of Sending Kids to Public School
1714-02-07-05-Education in Today's Culture DVD
1715-02-17-05-Christians, Abortion, and Public Education
1716-02-22-05-Jan/Feb 2005 CEANet Clips
1717-02-22-05-Legacy of Twenty-First Century Homeschooling
1718-03-03-05-Tyranny Through Public Education
1719-03-03-05-Who Shall Teach?
1720-03-13-05-Cool as a Cucumber Sex-Ed
1721-03-13-05-Pathology of the Left...
1722-03-13-05-CEE's Rescue 2010 Strategy
1723-03-18-05-Interview of Elizabeth Watkins of SBCHEA
1724-03-21-05-Homeschool Graduate on Terri Schiavo
1725-03-25-05-Review of _The Harsh Truth_
1726-04-03-05-Value of Homeschool Conventions Part 1
1727-04-03-05-Value of Homeschool Conventions Part 2
1728-04-08-05-Crossing Over to Live Fully in the Kingdom
1729-04-15-05-What Makes a _Good_ Christian School?
1730-04-15-05-What would you call an institution that...
1731-04-22-05-Can The Church Awaken?
1732-04-22-05-E. Ray Moore to Speak at Ohio LPO Convention
1733-04-22-05-AgapePress News Summary Clips
1734-04-30-05-Web Resource on Vouchers
1735-04-30-05-America's Crisis of Fidelity
1736-05-03-05-Texas Attorney Tangles with Allen Colmes
1737-05-07-05-Open Letter to Margaret Spellings
1738-05-10-05-New 2005 SBC Education Resolution Press Release
1739-05-10-05-New 2005 SBC Education Resolution Text
1740-05-14-05-2005 SBC Resolution Covered by AgapePress
1741-05-17-05-Cathy Duffy -- Get the Kids Out!
1742-05-24-05-Interview with Lisa Whelchel
1743-05-24-05-Govt. Education's 'Little Black Book'
1744-05-31-05-SBC Resolution Story at WorldNetDaily
1745-05-31-05-Contact SBC Resolution Committee Members
1746-06-07-05-Help Save Our Children!
1747-06-07-05-Evolution and the Judiciary
1748-06-14-05-Rally to Urge SBC Vote on Education Resolution
1749-06-17-05-Needed -- An Exit Strategy
1750-06-22-05-Brief Update on SBC Ed Resolution
1751-06-22-05-Customary International Law 
1752-06-23-05-Amendment Against Mental Health Screening
1753-06-29-05-SBC 2005 Report by Texas Attorney
1754-06-29-05-Amendment Against Mental Health Screening Fails
1755-07-06-05-Why Christians Should Not Support Government Schools
1756-07-06-05-One Nation Under Therapy
1757-07-16-05-Skeet Savage on Issues In Education
1758-07-16-05-Bible Preachers -- You're Not Welcome
1759-07-23-05-Interview With Nancy Pearcey
1760-07-23-05-Can a Child be "Salt & Light" in a Public School
1761-07-31-05-Is Doing Good Sometimes Bad
1762-07-31-05-Homeschooling Family to Family
1763-08-02-05-Universal Preschool: A Story of Three States
1764-08-04-05-Teach Your Children Well
1765-08-14-05-2005 Education Resolutions Re-Cap
1766-08-14-05-Challenging the Education Monopoly
1767-08-14-05-TOS Summer 2005 'Bouquet of Gifts'
1768-08-21-05-Impossible Ideas
1769-08-21-05-CEANet Clips July-August 2005
1770-08-21-05-Justice Sunday II Reaches 79 Million Households
1771-08-27-05-Book Review -- Raising Maidens of Virtue
1772-09-04-05-Christian Education Lawsuit Against UC System
1773-09-04-05-Overcoming the Peking Duck Syndrome
1774-09-04-05-Are Your Kids Reading Rot?
1775-09-04-05-Family Reformation Ministries Operation Katrina
1776-09-05-05-Jubilee Academy Aids Katrina Hurricane Victims
1777-09-11-05-Learn Not the Way of the Heathen
1778-09-11-05-Hurricane Relief First, Homeschool Relief Next
1779-09-18-05-Learning Is a Privilege, Not a Right
1780-09-18-05-Is Creation a Secondary Doctrine?
1781-09-19-05-Homeschool Teens Impact Blogs
1782-09-25-05-Exodus Mandate Assists Alpha Omega Publications
1783-09-25-05-Truth in Education
1784-09-25-05-Mental Health Screenings Violate Students' Privacy
1785-09-30-05-Marshall Fritz on Point of View... Monday, Oct. 3, 2005
1786-10-02-05-Christian Publisher Dabbling in 'New Age' Spirituality
1787-10-07-05-'Homeschooling Family-to-Family' Officially Launched
1788-10-10-05-CEANet News Clips Aug. 13 to Oct 7, 2005
1789-10-16-05-Darwinism Promotes Social Disintegration
1790-10-16-05-Public Education's Coming Collapse
1791-10-23-05-Single Parents Can Homeschool
1792-10-23-05-Taking the Plunge
1793-10-28-05-Pearcey Report Officially Launched
1794-10-31-05-Homeschooling, 'Educational Reform,' and College
1795-11-07-05-Sharing the Blessings of Homeschooling
1796-11-07-05-Has Evolution Become a State Religion?
1797-11-09-05-'Exit Strategy' Idea May Be Catching On
1798-11-14-05-Resolution to be Considered in 28 States
1799-11-20-05-Freedom to Homeschool
1800-11-24-05-Christians and State Testing

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