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601-02-13-98-Tax Deductible Savings for K-12 and Choice
602-02-14-98-Maranatha NewsWatch - #73
603-02-14-98-School-to-Work The Coming Collision
604-02-16-98-American Children are Victims of a False Kind of Science
605-02-16-98-Member Responds to CEANet 594
606-02-16-98-Jesus Christ Lord of All of Life Conference
607-02-18-98-10 Reasons Not to Homeschool
608-02-18-98-ONUG Vol. 2 No. 2 The Duty of John Quincy Adams
609-02-18-98-JBS Congressional Legislative E-mail Alert!
610-02-19-98-The Whole Language-OBE Fraud
611-02-19-98-Valuable links to Separation Alliance
612-02-19-98-Morality Public and Private
613-02-20-98-Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online Offers New Look
614-02-20-98-IFA Prayer Alert from Washington, DC
615-02-20-98-21st Century Community Learning Centers
616-02-21-98-How To Give Your Cat a Pill
617-02-23-98-Focus on the Family Feud with the GOP
618-02-23-98-State of American Education Speech
619-02-23-98-H.R. 3189 The Parental Freedom of Information Act
620-02-24-98-Christians Working For Government Education
621-02-24-98-Book Information
622-02-25-98-Is Child Abuse a Symptom of a Deeper Disease
623-02-25-98-U.S. DOE Initiatives (February 20, 1998)
624-02-26-98-RNC Chairman Claims A Party-Wide Commitment to Education
625-02-26-98-The Seduction of Homeschooling Families
626-02-27-98-Bad News for Darwinists
627-03-01-98-Federal Way, WA Education Seminar
628-03-01-98-The Stranger
629-03-01-98-Crisis in Education Magazine
630-03-02-98-Public Schools In Violation of Establishment Clause
631-03-02-98-Education for Sustainability An Agenda for Action
632-03-02-98-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS, March 2, 1998 Issue 52
633-03-04-98-U.S. DOE Update -- ED Initiatives (March 4, 1998)
634-03-05-98-Keyes 2000
635-03-06-98-The Creation Story History, Myth, Hymn, or Saga (Part 1)
636-03-06-98-The Creation Story History, Myth, Hymn, or Saga (Part 2)
637-03-07-98-FRC Ed Facts - 3-6-98
638-03-09-98-God of Theistic Evolution Same as the God of the Bible?
639-03-09-98-Zero-Tolerance for Non-Compliance
640-03-10-98-Christian Education for the Real World
641-03-10-98-Urgent Action Needed to STOP Clinton's Go-To-War Treaty!
642-03-10-98-JBS Legislative Alert -- NATO Expansion
643-03-11-98-For The Children
644-03-11-98-Education - What About the Poor?

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645-03-12-98-Restoration of Ed - Role of Parents and the Body of Christ
646-03-12-98-A Special Hint From a Member of CEANet
647-03-13-98-Whatís Wrong with Progressive Creation?
648-03-13-98-Eagle Forum Urgent Alert - Vote Next Week on S. 1186
649-03-14-98-Bill Summary & Status on S 1186 Workforce Bill
650-03-14-98-PNN Questions Sen. DeWine on S 1186
651-03-15-98-TCAN Alert New School-to-Work (STW) Video
652-03-16-98-Eagle Forum Alert -- STOP Clinton's Go-To-War Treaty!
653-03-18-98-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS, March 16, 1998 Issue 53
654-03-18-98-Global Governance Video from Eagle Forum
655-03-18-98-Crisis in the Classroom Video from Eagle Forum
656-03-20-98-U.S. House Joint Economic Committee on Ed Choice
657-03-20-98-Student Surveys and Personality Inventories
658-03-21-98-Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values
659-03-21-98-U.S. DOE -- ED Initiatives (March 20, 1998)
660-03-23-98-Scholl-to-Work Straight from the Horse's Mouth
661-03-24-98-Jesus Christ Lord of All of Life Tapes!!
662-03-25-98-Maranatha WebWatch - #64
663-03-27-98-Creation Science Series for Homeschoolers
664-03-28-98-FAMILY FOUNDATIONS by Ken Ham
665-03-28-98-Update on S 1186 from CEANet Member
666-03-29-98-The U.S. Government Social Security Number (SSN)
667-03-29-98-A National Information System by Executive Order
668-03-30-98-Request From Author John Stormer About STW
669-03-30-98-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS, March 30, 1998 Issue 54
670-04-01-98-The Constitution Never Intended to Ban Prayer
671-04-01-98-Update on Michael New & Supreme Court
672-04-02-98-Comuter Distractions from True Education
673-04-02-98-Help for New Homeschoolers
674-04-03-98-URGENT Update on S. 1186 - CAREERS
675-04-03-98-Globalism Research Specialist, Gary Kah
676-04-04-98-United Nations Investigates Religious Intolerance in the U.S.
677-04-05-98-Foundation of the New World Order
678-04-07-98-The Fall, the Curse, and Evolution
679-04-07-98-Wash., D.C. Conference on Goals 2000
680-04-07-98-Collectivism's Sacred Cow Public Education
681-04-08-98-Proposal to Est. Voluntary National Skill Standard System
682-04-09-98-Keeping Schools Open As Community Learning Centers
683-04-09-98-A Teacher of Teachers Goes to Bat for Education Consumers
684-04-10-98-Global Governance Why How When
685-04-11-98-April 1998 Dr. James Dobson Letter
686-04-13-98-Quotations from SCANS
687-04-15-98-Aldus Huxley's Brave New World on NBC
688-04-15-98-Berit Kjos' Brave New Schools
689-04-16-98-USDOE on Parent Involvement & Participation
690-04-16-98-Why We Need to Abolish the U.S. Department of Education
691-04-17-98-HSLDA Urgent Action Alert - April 17, 1998
692-04-18-98-Internet For Christians April 17, 1998, Issue 55
693-04-18-98-Donna Hearne Alert on HSLDA and S. 1186
694-04-20-98-Government Workforce Training In Washington State
695-04-22-98-Todd Strandberg and The Rapture Index
696-04-22-98-Creationism Attacked By Evolutionists
697-04-23-98-UNESCO's World Declaration on Education for All
698-04-23-98-UNESCO's Framework for Action to Meet Basic Learning Needs
699-04-24-98-U.S. Coalition for Education for All (USCEFA)
700-04-24-98-FREE! CWA Educational Booklet


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701-04-25-98-I, Pencil by Leonard Read
702-04-25-98-Christians and the Process of OBE, TQM, & STW
703-04-27-98-The Religion of Evolutionary Humanism and the Public Schools
704-04-27-98-Beijing, China and OPSI WA State Ed. Agreement for 21st Century
705-04-28-98-Exodus 2000 Works to Educate Christian Parents about Education
706-04-28-98-Watch Out Whenever Someone Calls religion A Separate Category
707-04-29-98-Constitutional Implications of National Curriculum (Part 1 of 2)
708-04-30-98-Constitutional Implications of National Curriculum (Part 2 of 2)
709-05-01-98-All Schools Are Religious
710-05-01-98-What's Really Wrong with Public Schools
711-05-02-98-ACTION ALERT S. 1186 Up For Vote Soon
712-05-04-98-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS, April 28, 1998, Issue 56
713-05-04-98-Creation On-Line Course at ICR
714-05-05-98-An Open Letter to the Republican Majority
715-05-07-98-American Christians and Government by Dave Racer
716-05-07-98-The Literal Week of Creation
717-05-09-98-An Overview of the Clinton's Takeover of Education
718-05-09-98-USDOE 'Guides' State and Local Leaders
719-05-11-98-The American Freedom Library on CD-ROM
720-05-12-98-Biblical Counseling and Education Resources
721-05-12-98-Internet for Christians, May 12, 1998, Issue 57
722-05-13-98-Two Alerts Concerning Govt. Religious Monitoring
723-05-14-98-Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science
724-05-14-98-Creationism vs. Evolution in Elma, WA
725-05-17-98-Education or Social Engineering by Jed Brown
726-05-17-98-USDOE -- ED Initiatives, May 15, 1998
727-05-19-98-God's Guardian Angels by Joel Belz
728-05-19-98-South Carolina Kindergartners Undergo Genital Exams
729-05-20-98-Maranatha NewsWatch - #84
730-05-19-98-The New Age and Global Education
731-05-20-98-Science Myths by Chuck Colson (Part 1 of 9)
732-05-21-98-Doubting Darwin by Chuck Colson (Part 2 of 9)
733-05-21-98-Trust Not In What Your Government Can Do For You
734-05-22-98-Does Life Have A Purpose by Chuck Colson (Part 3 of 9)
735-05-23-98-Scientific Blinders by Chuck Colson (Part 4 of 9)
736-05-23-98-Access to UNESCO's Education Documents
737-05-25-98-Trashing the Classics by Chuck Colson (Part 5 of 9)
738-05-25-98-International Commission on Education for the 21st Century
739-05-27-98-Darwinism and the Law by Chuck Colson (Part 6 of 9)
740-05-27-98-Internet for Christians, May 26, 1998 - Issue 58
741-05-28-98-Darwinism and Our Kids by Chuck Colson (Part 7 of 9)
742-05-29-98-Answers In Genesis May 1998 Newsletter Message
743-05-30-98-Viewpoint Discrimination by Chuck Colson (Part 8 of 9)
744-05-31-98-Gates or Bridges by Roy Maynard
745-06-01-98-Federal Govt Releases New Prayer Guidlines
746-06-01-98-Darwinism and the Law by Chuck Colson (Part 9 of 9)
747-06-02-98-Maranatha NewsWatch - No. 86
748-06-02-98-Are You a 'Right Wing Radical Kook'
749-06-03-98-The Creation Instruction Association (CIA)
750-06-03-98-Bigotry In Science and Schools Teaching Evolution
751-06-03-98-Public schools real public enemy
752-06-06-98-Where are the Teachers? by Joel Belz
753-06-08-98-Is the State Creating Global Citizens
754-06-10-98-USDOE FCC to Decide Funding Level for E-Rate Discounts
755-06-11-98-What Scriptures Tell Us About Environmental Stewardship
756-06-13-98-Graduating to what by Joel Belz
757-06-13-98-USDOE Comments Invited on ESEA Reauthorization
758-06-15-98-Clinton's Model School for New Age Education
759-06-16-98-Internet For Christians Special Edition, June 15, 1998
760-06-16-98-Education is a Family Matter by Michael McMillen
761-06-17-98-Eden Communications Newsletter, June 1998
762-06-19-98-A Christian Homeschool Resource Web Site to Explore
763-06-20-98-Pray for Dr. Dobson
764-06-20-98-Maranatha WebWatch - #66
765-06-23-98-Worth Repeating - Critical Thinking Citizenship Re-Defined
766-06-23-98-Internet for Christians, June 22, 1998, Issue 60
767-06-23-98-Message from Exodus 2000 Director
768-06-24-98-The Blood-Stained Century of Evolution
769-06-25-98-Intercessors for America PRAYER ALERT
770-06-27-98-Natl Assc of State Workforce Investment Policy Council Chairs
771-06-29-98-The Origins of Public School
772-06-30-98-Theistic Evolution -- Future Shock
773-07-02-98-USDOE A Business Leader's Guide to Supporting Math & Science
774-07-04-98-Prayer Request from Author-Speaker, Berit Kjos
775-07-04-98-Happy 4th and the Claremont Institute Web Site
776-07-07-98-Internet for Christians, July 6, 1998 - Issue 61
777-07-07-98-D. L. Cuddy and Robert Holland on School-to-Work
778-07-08-98-Doesn't Carbon Dating Prove the Earth is Old?
779-07-08-98-A Student's Perspective of State Education
780-07-11-98-Update on Exodus 2000 from E. Ray Moore
781-07-14-98-Truth and Power by Joel Belz
782-07-14-98-Newsletters Recommended by CEANet Members
783-07-17-98-Teachers University Ministries, Inc.
784-07-17-98-Needed Prayer and Praise from the Prayer Loop
785-07-21-98-HSLDA Urgent Alert on RLPA
786-07-21-98-Education Freedom 2000
787-07-21-98-American Opinion Book Services New Arrivals!
788-07-24-98-Liberty vs. Totalitarianism, Clinton-Style - July 98 PSR
789-07-25-98-School-to-Work Video Release
790-07-26-98-Introduction to The Modern Creation Trilogy
791-07-26-98-Vol. 1 of Trilogy Scripture and Creation
792-07-27-98-Vol. 2 of Trilogy Science and Creation
793-07-27-98-USDOE Update -- ED Initiatives (July 24, 1998)
794-07-28-98-Vol. 3 of Trilogy Society and Creation
795-through-800 Lost Due to Hard Drive Crash on August 9, 1998


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801-08-30-98-Lessons From Homeschooling
802-08-31-98-SepCon'98 Press Release
803-09-01-98-Do Laws and Standards Evolve
804-09-03-98-What Will It Take To Get It To Work?
805-09-04-98-Govt. Preparation of Americans for Lifelong Learning
806-09-05-98-Maranatha SchoolWatch #1
807-09-07-98-Exodus 2000 Nation-Wide Radio Interview
808-09-08-98-School-to-Work's International Connetctions
809-09-08-98-New Book - None Dare Call It Education
810-09-09-98-Four False Premises of Public Education
811-09-13-98-Evolution is Absolutely Opposed to the Bible
812-09-16-98-The Antithesis of Intellectual and Spritual Liberty
813-09-19-98-The Three Myths of Homeschooling by Berit Kjos
814-09-21-98-Free Copy of The Education Liberator
815-09-21-98-Who's Behind the Separation of School and State?
816-09-24-98-DO NO HARM Advice to the G.O.P.
817-09-25-98-The Christian Parents Information Network (CPIN)
818-09-30-98-Home Education Magazine's Free Online Newsletter 9-98
819-10-05-98-USDOE Promising Practices New Ways to Improve Teacher Quality
820-10-07-98-New CEANet Web Site Address
821-10-10-98-ICR Creation OnLine Goes On-Line!
822-10-11-98-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS 10-12-98
823-10-14-98-HALLOWEEN A Celebration of Evil
824-10-15-98-Update on John Stormer's New Book
825-10-17-98-If you love the kids, you'll keep them from harm
826-10-21-98-An Urgent Appeal to Pastors
827-10-25-98-Maranatha NewsWatch Issue No. 105
828-10-26-98-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS, 10-26-98
829-10-26-98-Halloween Prayer Request from New Zealand
830-10-26-98-Grading the DOE by Robert W. Lee
831-11-01-98-Separation Alliance Press Release
832-11-08-98-Capitol Hill Prayer Alert, 11-7-98
833-11-09-98-No Place to Hide by Berit Kjos
834-11-09-98-Prayer Request from Ken Ham
835-11-10-98-State Makes Poor Substitute for Parents
836-11-11-98-Needed - A New Breed
837-11-16-98-Update from Christian Answers Net
838-11-17-98-United Nations -- A Look Into The Future
839-11-23-98-How Stuff Works, by Marshall Brain
840-11-23-98-Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789
841-11-28-98-Current News on Exodus 2000
842-12-05-98-American Policy Center Message
843-12-05-98-The Christian Alert Network (TCAN) Message
844-12-07-98-Prayer Requests from the Prayer Loop
845-12-07-98-Biblical Worldview Testing and Training
846-12-09-98-Tenets for Creationist Based Science Education
847-12-16-98-Teachers, Curriculum, and Control by Dan Smithwick
848-12-16-98-US Rep. Ron Paul on Impeachment
849-12-18-98-National Education Goals Panel Report (1998)
850-12-19-98-OnLine Classical Christian Education Tutorial Service
851-12-19-98-How To Resist Consensus-Driven Depatrure From Truth
852-12-22-98-Shared Messages from a Long-Time Friend
853-12-23-98-Prayer Loop Praises and Requests
854-12-23-98-Christmas Message from The Federalist
855-12-27-98-Worldview Weekend Tape Sets
856-12-29-98-Why Christians Are Leaving Public Education
857-12-29-98-WARNING - Public Schools Aren't For Christians
858-12-30-98-Is the Bible Just A Human Work?
859-01-04-99-Internet for Christians, 1-4-1999 - Issue 74
860-01-04-99-Public Schools Aren't for Christians
861-01-08-99-Time To Man The Lifeboats
862-01-08-99-Keys To Integration In The Faith-Learning Process
863-01-12-99-Letter from ICR President, John Morris
864-01-12-99-Separation Conference in PA
865-01-18-99-Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia
866-01-18-99-The Religion of Secular Humanism
867-01-21-99-Govt. Genital Exams for 4 & 5 year old Preschoolers
868-01-23-99-Exodus 2000 Emergency Education Resolution
869-01-27-99-Kids Letters to God
870-01-29-99-With Man, Nothing is Impossible!
871-01-29-99-Victory Message from CEANet Member
872-01-31-99-Christian Exodus Out of Public Education
873-02-03-99-Cal Thomas On Public Education
874-02-09-99 Foundational - Creation vs. Evolution, and Education
875-02-09-99-HEM Free Online Newsletter, Feb 1999
876-02-14-99-A Need for Creation Evangelism
877-02-15-99-UN Plan for Your Mental Health
878-02-22-99-Resolution for 1999ís Education Wars...
879-02-22-99-If the Foundations Are Destroyed
880-02-24-99-E. Ray Moore, Jr. on Public Education
881-02-24-99-CREATION or EVOLUTION Seminar
882-03-01-99-Why Do Seminary Professors Entertain Old Earth Ideas?
883-03-01-99-APC Newswire, 03-01-1999
884-03-06-99-Evolutionists -- What They Say
885-03-10-99-How Philanthropy Is Revolutionizing Education
886-03-13-99-Watch out for Big Sister as Well as Big Brother
887-03-15-99-The New Age and Global Education
888-03-15-99-Goals 2000 - Another Fed Fiasco
889-03-19-99-Speech by Charlton Heston at Harvard
890-03-19-99-OBE Invades the Church!
891-03-22-99-Psychology, Education and God
892-03-22-99-Edu4um Atlanta PRESS RELEASE
893-03-23-99-A Little Traveling Humor
894-03-23-99-Educating the King's Kids
895-03-29-99-A Childrenís Exodus
896-03-30-99-Rise and Fall of Government Education
897-03-30-99-Time to Abandon Public Schools
898-04-01-99-Mel and Norma Gabler on ABC's 20/20
899-04-03-99-What is the Purpose of the Republican Party?
900-04-07-99-Our Brain -- Do We Use Only a Small Portion of It?


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901-04-07-99-A New Exodus
902-04-10-99-Community Service -- Mandatory Volunteerism
903-04-12-99-Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Kosovo
904-04-14-99-E-mail from a Missionary in Kosovo
905-04-19-99-A System That Wrings Out All Liberty
906-04-20-99-Children and Creation
907-04-22-99-A Deadly Pattern - Lessons From Littleton
908-04-24-99-Govt. Schools and Massacres
909-04-24-99-Child Development Specialist Favors Private Home Ed
910-04-27-99-Excluding God
911-05-01-99-Separate and Free
912-05-01-99-A Mother's Letter to Congress
913-05-02-99-When the Righteous Don't Stand
914-05-04-99-Dean Gotcher and the Institute for Authority Research
915-05-04-99-Restoration of Education
916-05-08-99-Edu4um Atlanta a Success!
917-05-08-99-Let My Children Go -- New VHS Video
918-05-13-99-AiG Creation Museum Finally Approved
919-05-13-99-Education Report by Robert W. Lee
920-05-20-99-Good Grief - Faith Versus Freud
921-05-17-99-Education Research Manual
922-05-20-99-Educational Excellence for All Children Act of 1999
923-05-20-99-The Long War Against God
924-05-22-99-Host Recommends 'Let My Children Go'
925-05-22-99-Praise for Private School Scholarship Program
926-05-26-99-Do Not Grow Weary
927-05-26-99-The Evolution Conspiracy, Book and Video
928-05-31-99-Creation Education Presentations
929-06-02-99-Treachery In Our Midst
930-06-07-99-More Parents Opt Out of State Education
931-06-09-99-Transcript of Marshall Fritz Interview
932-06-09-99-A Christian Philosophy of Education
933-06-14-99-Kansas Board Split on Whether Creationism Belongs in Schools
934-06-14-99-Teacher Reassigned For Not Believing In Evolution
935-06-16-99-Turning Your Home Into a School
936-06-19-99-Christianity and 'Hate Crimes'
937-06-19-99-Eleven Things You Don't Learn in School
938-06-27-99-Evidence for a Young World
939-06-27-99-College for Home-schoolers
940-06-27-99-New Christian story series debuts on Web
941-06-28-99-Jesus - Creator or Evolver?
942-07-06-99-Dr. James Dobson on 'Blinded by Might'
943-07-06-99-Book and Video Offer
944-07-08-99-Government Homeschool Programs
945-07-14-99-America's Christian Heritage and Education
946-07-14-99-Creationists Use New Tactic to Challenge Evolution
947-07-14-99-More on Homeschool Charters
948-07-20-99-'Answers Update' with Homeschool Resources
949-07-21-99-Scientific Facts and Christian Faith
950-07-21-99-USDOE Tracks Homeschool Numbers and Growth
951-07-29-99-Al Gore's Vision of Planetary Oneness
952-07-29-99-Just Say 'No' to Govt. Preschool!
953-07-29-99-Conservative News Service (CNS)
954-07-29-99-History of Private Education Marketplace
955-07-29-99-Get kids out of public schools, now!.eml
956-08-04-99-Should Christians 'Rebuild' Hope for Public Schools?
957-08-04-99-Engine of Atheism
958-08-04-99-Hong Kong Theme Park To Feature Creationism
959-08-11-99-Public Money into Private Schools
960-08-11-99-Refuting Evolution in the Public Schools
961-08-11-99-The Open Conspiracy
962-08-16-99-The Importance Of A Biblical Worldview
963-08-16-99-Response to 'Rebuilding Hope for Public Schools'
964-08-17-99-Beware the Child Protectors
965-08-24-99-Christians Rethink Education
966-08-24-99-Biblical Worldview Training Brochures
967-08-24-99-Breaking Out of the Education 'Box' and Finding Freedom
968-08-31-99-David Drye's Support Of Exodus 2000 Video
969-09-01-99-The Truth about Evolution Exposed in USA Today
970-09-01-99-The Central Fallacy of Public Schooling
971-09-01-99-'None Dare Call It Education' Review
972-09-08-99-Feedback and Response to CEANet956
973-09-08-99-HEM's Sept 1999 Newsletter
974-09-08-99-Why Worldview Matters
975-09-09-99-Public-School God
976-09-10-99-Education Meltdown
977-09-15-99-We (Liberals) Have Ways of Making You Volunteer
978-09-15-99-News from John Stormer
979-09-22-99-A Manifesto on What Matters
980-09-22-99-Pandora Education
981-09-23-99-Thinking of Homeschooling
982-09-29-99-What is Classical Christian Education
983-09-29-99-Credenda Agenda
984-09-29-99-Science Prospectus
985-10-02-99-TNA Education Report
986-10-02-99-Public Schools Teaching Occult Religion
987-10-06-99-Creation and the Kansas Schools
988-10-07-99-Washington Family Harassed for 5 Years
989-10-11-99-The Scientific Education Totalitarians
990-10-11-99-Flat Earthers - The Columbus Myth
991-10-13-99-Berkeley Law Professor Critiques Evolution
992-10-19-99-GEOLOGY And the Young Earth - Part 1
993-10-19-99-GEOLOGY And the Young Earth - Part 2
994-10-19-99-More (Former) Problems - More Answers
995-10-22-99-STW - A Step Toward Serfdom
996-10-25-99-The War Against Religion
997-11-01-99-Title I -- Not Making the Grade
998-11-01-99-Christians Should Stay in Public School
999-11-01-99-Response to CEANet998
1000-11-01-99-We Need More 'Pay-As-You-Go' Education


1001-11-05-99-Govt. Education's Compulsory Gay Agenda
1002-11-08-99-What the Sheriff Said
1003-11-15-99-Is Public Education the Cause of Aberant Behavior
1004-11-16-99-The Vision Forum Catalog 2000
1005-11-16-99-Whose History Standards
1006-11-22-99-Christian Education for the Real World
1008-11-22-99-Educators are Experts at Excuses
1009-11-23-99-Federalist Thanksgiving Special Edition
1010-12-01-99-CEANet Web Site Update
1011-12-06-99-To Be a Liberal
1012-12-06-99-Separating School From State
1013-12-13-99-The Pokemon Craze
1014-12-13-99-In Praise of Truancy
1015-12-13-99-Oklahoma's Divisive Disclaimer on Evolution
1016-12-20-99-Myth of Socialization
1017-12-20-99-The Holocaust and Evolution
1018-12-20-99-Godless Education and Human Time Bombs
1019-12-20-99-Christmas and New Years Blessings
1020-12-21-99-Celebrate a Christian Christmas on the Web
1021-12-28-99-The Year 2000 and Bible Prophecy
1022-12-28-99-The Well-Trained Mind
1023-01-04-00-Three Essentials of Authentic Education Reform
1024-01-04-00-Deliberately Dumbing Us Down
1025-01-04-00-Strong Delusion
1026-01-04-00-Christian Education Resource Sale
1027-01-10-00-Contesting Science's Anti-Religious Bias
1028-01-10-00-It's Only Money
1029-01-18-00-Liberals Excuse School Cheaters
1030-01-19-00-Humanism and Public Education
1031-01-22-00-Home Schooling Requirement of God
1032-01-22-00-When Teachers Cheat - The Miseducation of America
1033-01-25-00-USDOE Update -- ED Initiatives
1034-01-25-00-The ABC's of Home Schooling
1035-01-25-00-Debut of Christian Home-Schooler College
1036-01-31-00-Spreading Pro-Life Message in Govt. Schools
1037-01-31-00-A Competitive Vision for American Education
1038-02-07-00-Charlotte Iserbyt interviewed by John F. McManus
1039-02-07-00-Needed More Escape Hatches from the Public System
1040-02-07-00-Education vs. Training
1041-02-14-00-Teachers Union, Tear Down This Wall!!
1042-02-14-00-Covenant Education
1043-02-14-00-Students urged to live by the Bible
1044-02-14-00-Shifting Roles Between Education and Psychology
1045-02-21-00-'Let My Children Go' Video Distributed at NRB Convention
1046-02-21-00-Creation vs. Evolution - Does it Really Matter?
1047-03-01-00-Children of the Gulag
1048-03-06-00-Message List, Request, and Web Site
1049-03-07-00-Outcome-Biased Education
1050-03-07-00-Stealing America
1051-03-13-00-Why No One Really Cares about Public Schools
1052-03-13-00-Creation is the Foundation
1053-03-15-00-Answers In Genesis prominently featured on CNN!
1054-03-20-00-Religious Neutralism
1055-03-21-00-U.S. Dept of Ed 'Community Update' Articles
1056-03-27-00-God the Educator
1057-03-27-00-Nehemiah Institute Goes Online
1058-03-27-00-Why Government Should Not Enter the Preschool Business
1059-04-03-00-Homeschool Achievers
1060-04-03-00-Availability of Creationist Worldview Test
1061-04-03-00-Education and the Myth of Neutrality
1062-04-10-00-Home Educators Arrested for Truancy
1063-04-10-00-Government Parent Trainers
1064-04-10-00-EliŠn's Future in a Totalitarian State
1065-04-17-00-Politically Correct Math Equals Innumerate Children
1066-04-17-00-Creation in Six Days
1067-04-17-00-Education Reform - The Devil's in the Details
1068-04-17-00-Biology Professor Forced Out
1069-04-24-00-Choice for Taxpayers
1070-04-24-00-Creation and the Academy
1071-04-24-00-Chuck Colson on Elian Gonzalez Raid
1072-05-02-00-Train Up a Child
1073-05-03-00-Re-Educating EliŠn at the Aspen Institute
1074-05-05-00-Clinton Wants to 'Organize' Home Schoolers
1075-05-08-00-A Truly Christian Curriculum
1076-05-09-00-Big Brother and Education
1077-05-18-00-God Banned in Kentucky
1078-05-18-00-The New American on CD-ROM
1079-05-18-00-Five Vital Questions to Ask Your Church or School
1080-05-25-00-Schools Turn to Thought Control
1081-05-25-00-For As He Thinketh In His Heart...
1082-05-25-00-The Principle Approach to Education
1083-05-27-00-School sued for 'trashing' Bibles
1084-05-29-00-Extra Science Materials Thrown Out of Class
1085-05-31-00-Education, Christianity and the State
1086-06-08-00-When is it OK to Drop Out of School?
1087-06-08-00-Vital Importance of Believing in Recent Creation
1088-06-08-00-Homeschooling is Here to Stay
1089-06-14-00-The Opening of the American God
1090-06-14-00-ESEA Reauthorization Federalizes Public Schools
1091-06-15-00-The Character of Home Education
1092-06-19-00-Govt. School Kids Haven't a Prayer
1093-06-21-00-Special Report Issue of The New American
1094-06-21-00-Thomas Sowell's Reply to Teachers
1095-06-22-00-It Takes a _Global_ Village
1096-06-26-00-Education: What Pastors and Parents Need to Know
1097-06-27-00-Supreme Court and Prayer in Government Schools
1098-07-03-00-Suppressing Data and Teaching Outright Falsehoods
1099-07-03-00-_How Now Shall We Live?_
1100-07-03-00-BAMBOOZLED by the Education Experts


1101-07-04-00-AFA Special July 4th Message
1102-07-13-00-Home Educators Win in Berkeley, CA
1103-07-13-00-State Schools and Thought Control
1104-07-13-00-Gatto's New Book on Education
1105-07-17-00-Harry Potter
1106-07-17-00-Secular Inquisition
1107-07-17-00-Making the World Safe for Homeschooling, Part 1
1108-07-17-00-Making the World Safe for Homeschooling, Part 2
1109-07-17-00-Making the World Safe for Homeschooling, Part 3 of 3
1110-07-27-00-Evolution Critic Censored
1111-07-27-00-Monopoly Education
1112-07-27-00-More on Gatto's New Book
1113-08-03-00-A Visit to Bob Jones University
1114-08-04-00-Monkeying With the Facts
1115-08-05-00-Science Research from a Creation Worldview
1116-08-10-00-The Real Issue of Scopes
1117-08-10-00-Unbelievable Unbelief
1118-08-10-00-A Painful History
1119-08-11-00-The Voucher Trap
1120-08-17-00-Virtue, Education, and Liberty
1121-08-17-00-The Public School Nightmare
1122-08-23-00-Quotations from _The Federalist Brief_
1123-08-23-00-Classical Christian Education -- A Growing Trend
1124-08-23-00-Home Schoolers Score Highest on ACT
1125-08-28-00-Our American Birthright
1126-09-04-00-Heroes of Little Havana
1127-09-04-00-Legitimate Role of Government in a Free Society
1128-09-07-00-The Truth About School Vouchers
1129-09-07-00-Back to school
1130-09-14-00-Classical Christain Education Resources
1131-09-14-00-Scrap Public Education Altogether
1132-09-14-00-Home Schooling Goes Mainstream
1133-09-21-00-More Quotations from _The Federalist_
1134-09-22-00-One Nation Under God - Part 1 of 2
1135-09-22-00-One Nation Under God - Part 2 of 2
1136-09-22-00-Pre-Flood Relics on the Bottom of the Black Sea?
1137-09-30-00-Points of Interest 9-30-2000
1138-09-30-00-State Mandates Homosexual Indoctrination
1139-09-30-00-Home-schoolers honored in Congress
1140-09-30-00-Homeschoolers Making a Difference
1141-10-11-00-Pulpits Before Politics
1142-10-11-00-POINTS of INTEREST
1143-10-11-00-Meet Constitution Party's Howard Phillips
1144-10-11-00-Finding Hope at Home
1145-10-20-00-Reserves for the Battle
1146-10-21-00-God and the Academy
1147-10-23-00-Rabbi Lapin Calling America Back to Tradition
1148-11-05-00-Federal Education Spending
1149-11-05-00-John Taylor Gatto Homeschool Speech Part 1
1150-11-05-00-John Taylor Gatto Homeschool Speech Part 2
1151-11-18-00-A House Divided Against Itself...
1152-11-18-00-Congress Honors Home Schoolers
1153-11-18-00-Weapons of Hope
1154-11-18-00-Plymouth Under Siege
1155-11-27-00-What Most People Donít Understand About Christian Education
1156-11-29-00-The Christian Thinker as Teacher (Part 1 of 3)
1157-11-29-00-The Christian Thinker as Teacher (Part 2 of 3)
1158-11-29-00-The Christian Thinker as Teacher (Part 3 of 3)
1159-11-29-00-WATCH Conference 2001
1160-12-07-00-American Christians and the Public School
1161-12-07-00-Availability of Christian Information Software
1162-12-07-00-Darwin's Bulldog: Is Anything Extra-Christian?
1163-12-07-00-What is the Worldview Academy?
1164-12-07-00-Message from the Nehemiah Institute
1165-12-16-00-Compulsory Education Laws: The Dialogue Reopens
1166-12-16-00-POINTS of INTEREST, Quotations, Dec 16, 2000
1167-12-16-00-Divine Design
1169-12-23-00-Merry Christmas 2000
1170-01-10-01-Why Judges Make Law (Part 1 of 2)
1171-01-10-01-Why Judges Make Law (Part 2 of 2)
1172-01-13-01-From Classroom to Courtroom; Constructivism Fully Grown
1173-01-17-01-What Really Happens in Public School?
1174-01-17-01-Neutral Knowledge?
1175-01-22-01-Equipping a Generation of Christian Statesmen
1176-01-27-01-Bush Federal Education Proposal
1177-01-27-01-PATRICIDE vs. PATRIARCHY
1178-01-27-01-Points of Interest, Jan 27, 2001
1179-02-08-01-Bush's Education Program Repeats Past Failures
1180-02-08-01-UN Undermines Family, Religion, and Sovereignty
1181-02-08-01-Bush's Faith-Based Federal Program
1182-02-15-01-People Advancing Christian Education (PACE)
1183-02-15-01-Evolution is Religion-Not Science
1184-02-21-01-A Ready Answer
1185-02-21-01-GOP Fails to Pronounce the DOE DOA
1186-02-21-01-Building the FedEd Leviathan
1187-02-21-01-Faith-Based Compromise?
1188-03-07-01-Discipline, Drugs, and School Violence
1189-03-07-01-Think Again!
1190-03-07-01-POINTS of INTEREST
1191-03-07-01-Texas Seminary Ordered to Pay Damages
1192-03-15-01-Rendering unto Caesar
1193-03-15-01-White House Defends Faith-Based Plan
1194-03-16-01-Wisdom's 7 Pillars Of True Education
1195-03-16-01-Satan Has No Brakes
1196-03-23-01-De-Worshiping Public Education
1197-03-23-01-Tune In, Turn Off, Drop Out
1198-03-24-01-Minnesota's 'New (State-Planned) Economy'
1199-03-29-01-Modesty Revisited
1200-03-29-01-Whatís Wrong With the New World Order?

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