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000-02-05-97-Introduction to the CEANet Mailing List
001-02-06-97-Subscription Confirm and Welcome Aboard
002-02-10-97-Christians and Government Schools
003-02-10-97-Christians and Government Schools
004-02-12-97-State of the Union Address and Education
005-02-12-97-Significance of Creation vs. Evolution
006-02-12-97-FRC New Press Releases
007-02-12-97-Availability of USDOE Town Meeting Re-Broadcasts
008-02-13-97-State of the Union and Education
009-02-13-97-Goals 2000 & Parents as Teachers Program
010-02-14-97-FRC New Press Release
011-02-17-97-What's Wrong with Consensus Part 1
012-02-17-97-What's Wrong with Consensus Part 2
013-02-17-97-President Clinton, Arkansas and G2000
014-02-17-97-Eagle Forum
015-02-19-97-FRC Feb 19, 1997 Press Release
016-02-19-97-Robert Holland No. 1
017-02-19-97-FRC Feb 19, Press Release 02
018-02-21-97-Home Education Gaining Ground!!
019-02-21-97-News Release from Congressman Henry Hyde
020-02-21-97-A Review of The Manufactured Crisis
021-02-21-97-Homeschool Heroes
022-02-22-97-A new 'Deceleration of Indapendance'
023-02-23-97-Andrews' Update February 23
024-02-26-97-How to Spot OBE Math
025-02-26-97-Certificate of Mastery Letter to Reps
026-02-26-97-Certificate of Mastery--Contents of WA State SB 5333
027-02-26-97-Homeschool Mom Offers Advice
028-03-01-97-Letter to WA State Senator and Member of Ohio State B.O.E.
029-03-02-97-Andrews' Update March 3
030-03-02-97-Birth Control Concoctions A Technological Trojan Horse
031-03-02-97-ICR Impact No. 180 - A Theory in Crisis
032-03-03-97-Robert Holland No. 2
033-03-03-97-From Missionary Clyde Andrews, Positions Wanted
034-03-04-97-NEA's Death Grip on School Must Be Broken
035-03-04-97-Scripture for Home Educators
036-03-06-97-ABC Disney Pushes Homosexuality Full-Throttle
037-03-06-97-State and Federal Workforce Training Agenda
038-03-06-97-FRC New Press Release
039-03-07-97-State and Federal Workforce Training Agenda
040-03-07-97-Education--What About the Church and Its Leadership
041-03-07-97-Missionary Clyde Andrews Update Adendum
042-03-08-97-[USTP] Republicrats Promises
043-03-10-97-Racism Will Not Be Empowered By Separation
044-03-10-97-Future Availability of UNESCO Education Video
045-03-11-97-FRC New Press Release
046-03-11-97-Save The Ten Commandments Rally
047-03-11-97-Education Must Be 'Global Priority,' Annan Says
048-03-11-97-School-to-Work in Elementary Schools
049-03-12-97-FRC New Press Release
050-03-13-97-Answers in Genesis and Ken Ham
051-03-14-97-USDOE Update--ED Initiatives (March 13, 1997)
052-03-14-97-Fw [USTP] PJB and Judge Roy Moore
053-03-14-97-Fw [USTP] BBA - HP Statement
054-03-15-97-Three Reasons Why Reform Can't Work
055-03-15-97-Creation - Do You Know What Your Pastorial Staff Believes?
056-03-16-97-Andrews' Update March 16, 1997
057-03-17-97-Creationist Resource Website
058-03-17-97-[USTP] (Fwd) Call For IMPEACHMENT
059-03-19-97-FRC Press Releases, March 18, 1997
060-03-19-97-AN OLD BRIDGE TO THE 21st-CENTURY
061-03-19-97-Improving the School Experience for Gay Students
062-03-19-97-The Age Zero Movement - Big Brother's No-Brainer
063-03-21-97-Hurting Families Fight Against Government Agencies
064-03-21-97-Leading 'Ellen' Advertisers January 1 - March 22, 1997
065-03-21-97-[USTP] Reagan QUITS!!!!
066-03-21-97-Article from France on Global Governance
067-03-21-97-Diana Fessler, Member of Ohio State Board of Education
068-03-22-97-Diana Fessler Press Release
069-03-23-97-Missionary Andrews' Update March 23, 1997
070-03-24-97-U.S. Coalition for Education for All (USCEFA)
071-03-25-97-Press Release - Religious Freedom Amendment
072-03-25-97-Washington, D.C. Conference on G2000 & STW
073-03-26-97-USDOE Update
074-03-27-97-USDOE Info-Teachers' Working Conditions--3 booklets from NCES
075-03-27-97-A Strategic Question
076-03-28-97-A Review of THE MANUFACTURED CRISIS
077-03-28-97-Washington, DC Conference on G2000 & STW
078-03-28-97-Three Big Sponsors To Bypass ELLEN
079-03-29-97-Evidence for Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection
080-03-31-97-Andrews' Update March 30, 1997
081-03-31-97-Life Cycle Books (Pro-Life Resource)
083-04-02-97-USDOE Attracting and Preparing Teachers for the 21st Century
084-04-02-97-FRC Press Release - New Allergy Drug Boycott
085-04-03-97-USDOE Update School-Based Management
086-XX-XX-XX-Not Available
087-04-03-97-Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselors Vindicated In Connecticut
088-04-03-97-Education Debate-April 18, 1997
089-04-04-97-USDOE Update Notices Inviting Grant Applications
090-04-06-97-Without Ten Commandments, Bill Of Rights Won't Stand
091-04-07-97-Massive Child - FOCUS Media Blitz
092-04-07-97-Romania Missionary Andrews' Update April 6, 1997
093-04-08-97-Creation Research Societry Books and Videos Catalog
094-04-09-97-UN Rights of the Child Implemented in UK
095-04-09-97-FRC Press Release - Online PBA Discussion
096-04-09-97-Immerse Beginners in the Totality of the Baseball Arts
097-04-10-97-Robert Holland No. 3 (1992-93 Collection)
098-04-10-97-National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE)
099-04-11-97-Data Banks & California Umemployment Insurance Code
100-04-11-97-FRC Press Release


101-04-11-97-President's Summit for America's Future
102-04-13-97-Education mandate for Christians
103-04-13-97-Romanian Missionary Andrews' Update April 13
104-04-14-97-Separation Alliance's Director Addresses ASCD 1997 Conference
105-04-14-97-Separation of School and State Outreach Publication
106-04-15-97-Competition in Education The Case of Reading
107-04-16-97-Eagle Forum Congressional Alert Message
108-04-16-97-Edweek E-mail Town Meeting on Improving Schools
109-04-16-97-U.S. Dept of Ed. Uptate-Charter Schools Web Site
110-04-17-97-FRC PR-Early Child Development & Learning Conference
111-04-17-97-More Info on Child Media Campaign
112-04-18-97-FRC PR-Homosexual Marriage in Hawaii, April 18, 1997
113-04-18-97-Goodling Questions Executive Order
114-04-18-97-Rep. Gerald Solomon - THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION IN AMERICA.eml
115-04-19-97-Students Resist Oregon CIM Program
116-04-19-97-Request for Prayer
117-04-19-97-When the Pendulum Stops by Maureen Heaton
118-04-19-97-Phone Call to Maureen Heaton
119-04-20-97-Romanian Missionary Andrews' Update April 20
120-04-22-97-Status of Michael
121-04-22-97-Eagle Forum Urgent Alert on Patent Rights!!
122-04-22-97-U.S. Dept of Ed. Notices Inviting Applications
124-04-23-97-FRC Press Release - Ralph Reed Resignation
125-04-23-97-Government Schooling The Bureaucratization of the Mind
126-04-23-97-Eagle Forum Release Bob Dole Endorses CWC
127-04-25-97-America 2000-Goals 2000 Research Manual
128-04-25-97-Ordering Info on America 2000Goals 2000 Research Manual
129-04-25-97-FRC PR-Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)
130-04-25-97-FRC PR-Paid Volunteerism Summit
131-04-25-97-Ed Loop Alert, CAREERS is BACK!!!---HR 1385
132-04-26-97-China-U.S. Conference on Education
133-04-27-97-Eagle Forum PR-Clinton Victory on Chemical Weapons Treaty
134-04-27-97-Microsoft Anytime, Anywhere Learning
135-04-27-97-China - U.S. Conference on Education
136-04-27-97-Marshall's Visit to Detroit, MI
137-04-27-97-Market of Human Resources Assessment Business in China
138-04-27-97-China's Vocational Psychology Test System
139-04-28-97-I Am Your Child ABC Special - TONIGHT!!
140-04-28-97-U.S. Dept of Ed PR-Teacher Induction -- Pacific Rim
141-04-29-97-Re CEANet 138-China's Vocational Psychology Test System
142-04-29-97-Christian Humor from the Rogers
143-04-29-97-Eagle Forum Congressional Alert, April 29, 1997
144-04-29-97-UPDATE Alert on HR 1385 CAREERS '97 Bill
145-04-30-97-US Dept. of Ed. Update-ED Initiatives (April 30, 1997)
146-04-30-97-April 30, 1998 HR1385 Update
147-04-30-97-More Info on HR 1385 (CAREERS)
148-05-02-97-James Dobson's Take on 'I Am Your Child' Campaign
149-05-02-97-OBE Dictionary-very long
150-05-03-97-Employment, Training and Literacy Enhancement Act of 1997
151-05-03-97-US Dept of Ed Town Meetings
152-05-03-97-Cleveland Vouchers--to go to US Supreme Court
153-05-04-97-Marc Tucker on the WWW
154-05-05-97-HR 1385 Updates
155-05-05-97-US Senator Ashcroft wants to sink the NEA
156-05-05-97-STW Report and Reply-Response from Diana Fessler
157-05-05-97-Idea for uniting parents and churches
158-05-05-97-Hooray for Diana on School-to-Work
159-05-06-97-One Nation Under God Monthly E-Newsletter
160-05-06-97-US Dept of Ed Activities for Young Children
161-05-07-97-Questions about US Dept of Ed Preschool Recommendations
162-05-07-97-HR 1385 Update and Observations
163-05-07-97-US D.O.E. Responds to CEANet Member Questions
164-05-07-97-[USTP] Howard Phillips - GOP Traitors
165-05-07-97-Martin's Correspondence with DOE Continued
166-05-08-97-Portland Schools
167-05-08-97-HR 1385 Analysis by P.I.E. & P.N.N.
168-05-09-97-US Dept of Ed-ED Initiatives (May 8, 1997)
169-05-09-97-Eagle Forum May 1997 Phyllis Schlafly Report
170-05-09-97-SchoolWatch - 05-07-97
171-05-09-97-The end of Cold, Hard Cash
172-05-10-97-Excellent Articles on Christians and Public Education
173-05-11-97-Mothers Day Expression
174-05-11-97-Romanian Missionary Andrews' Update May 11
175-05-12-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - 05-12-97
176-05-13-97-FRC PR-Abortion Bill
177-05-13-97-Goals 2000 Community Tool Kit Strikes Again!
178-05-13-97-Eagle Forum Alert on HR 1385 CAREERS 97 Bill
179-05-14-97-Eagle Forum Alert -- What's Wrong with School-to-Work
180-05-14-97-Education in Coupeville, WA School District
181-05-14-97-FRC PR-National Endowment for the Arts
182-05-14-97-HR1385 Meeting tomorrow
183-05-14-97-Robert Holland Covers Re-Introduction of CAREERS
184-05-15-97-Member of CEANet Questions Governor Tommy Thompson
185-05-15-97-National ID Card, Part of Federal Law
186-05-15-97-Urgent Read - HR 1385 set for vote Friday, May 16!!
187-05-16-97-CAREERS 1997 (HR 1385) Passed House May 16, 1997
188-05-16-97-Rep. Ron Paul's Dissenting View of HR 1385, May 1997
189-05-19-97-Internet for Christians Newsletter
190-05-19-97-FRC PR-MFN for China
191-05-20-97-FRC PR-AMA Supports PBA Ban
192-05-21-97-FRC PR-PBA Senate Vote Results
193-05-21-97-Educational Web Site List
194-05-21-97-Prayer Loop
195-05-22-97-Maranatha SchoolWatch - May 21, 1997
196-05-22-97-China Considering Execution of Christian Leaders
197-05-25-97-Moment of Silence Breakthrough!
198-05-25-97-Marshall Fritz Ltr to Ed on Relativism
199-05-27-97-Diana Fessler's Message to the Ed Loop
200-05-27-97-Certificates of Mastery Linked to State Proficiency Tests


201-05-27-97-Some Beastly Humor
202-05-28-97-Voucher Articles
203-06-03-97-Why Pragmatism IS NOT Compatible with Christian Principle
204-06-04-97-Help TCAN De-Fund the US D.O.E.
205-06-04-97-The Institute for Biblical Defense (IBD)
206-06-04-97-Please Help Boost No-Servitude Petition
207-06-05-97-FRC Press Release - Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary
208-06-05-97-American Sovereignty Restoration Amendment
209-06-06-97-FRC Press Release - Pro-Life Amendment Passed
210-06-06-97-Internet for Christians Newsletter, June 6, 1997
211-06-07-97-Chicagoís Schools Are Setting a Standard
212-06-07-97-URLs to Education Articles
213-06-07-97-Education-Related Prayer Requests from the Prayer Loop
214-06-09-97-Washington Ed.Net Briefs
215-06-10-97-Member of CEANet Meets ACLU and NEA Presidents
216-06-11-97-Homeschool Victory!
217-06-11-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - 06/09/97
218-06-12-97-FRC Press Release - Christian Coalitionís New Leadership
219-06-12-97-Phyllis Schlafly Report, June 1997
220-06-12-97-Webpage Address for Bookmark or Favorites Folder
221-06-12-97-Education Related URL Addresses KEEP -- Save
222-06-16-97-FRC Ed Facts, June 13, 1997
223-06-16-97-Washington Ed.Net Briefs, June 16, 1997
224-06-16-97-Maranatha SchoolWatch - June 11, 1997
225-06-16-97-Education Prayer Requests
226-06-16-97-Article on Fiscal & Academic Accountability - E. Gough
227-06-17-97-Urgent Prayer Request for Christians in Russia
228-06-18-97-School-to-Careers, G2000, Russia, and AFT Teachersí Union
229-06-18-97-For Those Who Reject Christ: Your First Six Days in Hell
230-06-18-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - June 16, 1997
231-06-20-97-Newsflash from Reuters News Service
232-06-20-97-Southern Baptists Convention -- The Real Story
233-06-20-97-FRC Press Release - New Defense Authorization Bill
234-06-20-97-Dinosaurs and the Bible, Plus More Creation URLs
235-06-21-97-Real Standards Come From Good Teaching - Robert Holland
236-06-23-97-Darwinism Science or Philosophy Study Kit
237-06-24-97-FRC Press Release - China MFN Response
238-06-25-97-Attitude is EVERYTHING!
239-06-25-97-FRC Press Release - Home Remedies
240-06-26-97-Website List from the Education Loop
241-06-26-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - June 23, 1997
242-06-27-97-Article on Persecuted Believers
243-06-29-97-Internet for Christians Newsletter, June 27, 1997
244-06-30-97-Education Related Prayer Requests
245-06-30-97-CEANetís New (very basic) Website
246-07-01-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - June 30, 1997
247-07-02-97-Vin Suprynowicz on Takeover of Hong Kong
248-07-03-97-How Dictatorships Brainwash Children
249-07-03-97-Eagle Forum - Workforce Bill Wins Quick Passage
250-07-04-97-A Fourth of July Prayer
251-07-05-97-FRC Press Release - Military Homosexual Ban
252-07-06-97-PBS Finally Admits Stalin Wasnít Nice
253-07-07-97-Russiaís War, A Ten-Part Series on PBS
254-07-07-97-UNESCO Internet Video Conference
255-07-07-97-Thanks for the Fourth Prayer
256-07-08-97-The New American - Special Issue on Education
257-07-10-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - July 7, 1997
258-07-10-97-Christian Chinese Students Visit San Diego, CA
259-07-12-97-Day 1 of China-U.S. Conference on Education
260-07-12-97-FRC Press Release - House Defunds the NEA
261-07-12-97-No Academic Freedom for the Politically Incorrect
262-07-12-97-US D.O.E. Update - Ed Initiatives July 3, 1997
263-07-14-97-Federal Interagency Data on Children and Families
264-07-16-97-CEANet Number-to-Subject List (000-263)
265-07-16-97-A List of URLs to Robert Holland (05-14-to-07-06, 1997)
266-07-17-97-On-Going, Articulate Theism vs. Atheism Debate
267-07-18-97-China - U.S. Conference Summary
268-07-18-97-Senate and House Hearings Available on RealAudio
269-07-19-97-Supreme Crt on Mandatory Comm Service
270-07-19-97-FRC New Ed Facts
271-07-19-97-Prayer for Fired Superintendent
272-07-20-97-Internet for Christians Newsletter, July 18, 1997
273-07-20-97-New Math to Hurt Minorities, Please Fwd.
274-07-20-97-The End of Science or Scientific Heresies
275-07-22-97-Connecting Dots-The Radical Revolution of Education
276-07-22-97-Public school teachers' children in private schools
277-07-23-97-July 23, 1997 Web Site List from Education Loop
278-07-23-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - July 21, 1997
279-07-23-97-A Study of God's Creation for Home Educators
280-07-24-97-Open letter from Maj. Curt Tomlin to Gov. Bush of Texas
281-07-24-97-Observations on Mandatory Comm Service
282-07-24-97-Thought for the Day Stand Up!!!
283-07-25-97-Internet for Christians Newsletter, July 18, 1997
284-07-26-97-Eagle Forum - Phyllis Schlafly column 7-16-97
285-07-26-97-Business Exec Critiques STW
286-07-27-97-Christian Email List - Listing.eml
287-07-28-97-URL Access to Marc Tucker-Hillary Clinton Letter
288-07-29-97-We ALL Must Learn and Serve America!!
289-07-30-97-55 minutes with Sydney
290-07-30-97-This Year's Fed Ed Programs
291-08-01-97-Howard Phillips' Interview-Michael Reagan Radio Show
292-08-01-97-FRC PR-Education Savings Account Bill
293-08-01-97-CEANet August 1997 Web Site Update
294-08-04-97-Brave Teacher Stands Up to WEA
295-08-04-97-C-NEWS CONGRESS ACTION August 3, 1997
296-08-04-97-C-NEWS Pro-Life Resource List Receives Major Award
297-08-04-97-State by State Alerts
298-08-04-97-US DOE ED Initiatives (August 4, 1997)
299-08-06-97-C-NEWS The Federalist Digest available free by e-mail
300-08-06-97-Maranatha WebWatch - 08-06-97.eml


301-08-06-97-Did Jesus Use A Modem
302-08-06-97-Maranatha SchoolWatch - 080797
303-08-07-97-Separation Web Site and Proclamation
304-08-07-97-Teacher Calls STW One More Circus Act
305-08-08-97-Friday Afternoon Humor from The Prayer Loop
306-08-09-97-Religious Theme Park
307-08-09-97-Requests from the Prayer Loop
308-08-10-97-The Systematic Destruction of Character by Steven Kossor
309-08-10-97-Martin Angell Addresses Congress (House and Senate)
310-08-12-97-FRC Legislative Hotline for Week of August 8-15
311-08-12-97-The Emancipation of Education
312-08-13-97-Government Performance and Results Act
313-08-13-97-PJB - Guttering Out of GOP...
314-08-14-97-August 14, 1997 CEANet Web Page Update
315-08-14-97-Involuntary Servitude
316-08-15-97-C-NEWS PJB - Christian Soldiers Gone
317-08-15-97-FRC Updates
318-08-15-97-Eagle Forum Phyllis Schlafly column 8-13-97
319-08-16-97-The HOW of Separating School and State
320-08-16-97-Teaching Kids Discernment by Chuck Colson
321-08-19-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - Aug 18, 1997
322-08-20-97-C-NEWS Global Governance (Part 1)
323-08-20-97-Planned Careers via Planned Education Equals A Planned Society
324-08-20-97-Robert Holland and Public Education Views of a Concerned Parent
325-08-21-97-USDOE-- America Goes Back to School!
326-08-23-97-America's Labor Market Information System (ALMIS)
327-08-24-97-2000 This, 2000 That...
328-08-25-97-Maranatha WebWatch - August 22, 1997
329-08-25-97-C-NEWS Global Governance (Part 2)
330-08-25-97-Educational, Political and Spiritual Prayer Requests
331-08-27-97-Maranatha SchoolWatch - August 22, 1997
332-08-27-97-UN and Growth Management Laws
333-08-27-97-Church-Based Schools and Zoning Restrictions
334-08-29-97-Phyllis Schlafly - Can We Sustain the UN's Sustainable Goals
335-08-29-97-Waco The Rules Of Engagement Film
336-08-29-97-Christian Children -- Render Them NOT Unto Caesar
337-08-29-97-C-NEWS Science Project
338-08-30-97-Social Security Teacher's Guide
339-08-30-97-USDOE -- ED Initiatives (August 29, 1997)
340-08-30-97-FRC Press Release - APA Protest 8-28-97
341-08-30-97-FRC New Ed Facts 8-29-97
342-08-31-97-Seamless Lifelong Government Learning and Industrial Production
343-08-31-97-Washington Ed.Net Briefs 9.1.97
344-08-31-97-Free Homeschooling Information and Resource Guide
345-09-01-97-CEANet Number-to-Subject List (000-345)
346-09-02-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - Sept 2, 1997
347-09-03-97-C-NEWS Covenant Syndicate #42, August 29, 1997
348-09-03-97-C-NEWS FRC Hotline Aug 29 - Sep 5, 1997
349-09-04-97-Exodus 2000 A Method to Separate School and State
350-09-04-97-Sending Your Child Back to School--or Work
351-09-05-97-C-NEWS Educator - in - Chief....
352-09-05-97-USDOE Voluntary National Tests Secretary's Testimony (Sept.4)
353-09-05-97-Home Education Magazine Online Newsletter #10
354-09-06-97-Re CEANet353 Home Education Magazine Online Newsletter #10
355-09-06-97-FRC Press Release - Mother Teresa's Death
356-09-06-97-Educational Prayer Requests from the Prayer Loop
357-09-07-97-Washington Ed.Net Briefs 9.8.97
358-09-09-97-Progressive vs. Biblical Creation
359-09-09-97-FRC Press Release - National Testing
360-09-09-97-CONGRESS ACTION September 7, 1997
361-09-10-97-Assumptions That Affect Our Lives
362-09-10-97-Corporatism Training to Serve the State
363-09-11-97-FRC Release - Federal Testing and Insight Report URL Link
364-09-13-97-National Testing Legislative Alert - Urgent Action Needed!
365-09-13-97-The Bridge
366-09-13-97-FRC New Ed Facts
367-09-13-97-FRC Press Release - Education Amendments
368-09-15-97-Prophetic Wisdom From A McGuffey Reader
369-09-15-97-Washington Ed.Net Briefs 9.15.97
370-09-15-97-Congressional Alert Senator Gorton Amendment
371-09-16-97-Ed Reform Helps America's Slippage Into Socialism
372-09-17-97-[USTP] Michael New Update!
373-09-17-97-Author of Brave New Schools Web Site
374-09-17-97-Must Read Fwd Kindergarten Genital Exams
375-09-18-97-Maranatha WebWatch - 091797
376-09-18-97-USDOE Update -- ED Initiatives 73 (September 17, 1997)
377-09-18-97-Education Liberty Is Gaining Ground Despite Its Bitter Enemies
378-09-22-97-President of the U.S., or National School Superintendent?
379-09-22-97-WA Ed.Net Briefs 9.22.97
380-09-22-97-Logos Classical Christian Education Curriculum
381-09-24-97-Legislative Alert
382-09-24-97-USDOE What Really Matters in American Education
383-09-24-97-The Separation of School & State Conference, 1997 (SepCon'97)
384-09-25-97-[USTP] Evil Persists Office of Religious Monitoring
385-09-25-97-Storming the gates The power of Creation Evangelism
386-09-26-97-Maranatha NewsWatch #59
387-09-26-97-PJB -- DeLay's NWO Conservative Club
388-09-26-97-Maranatha WebWatch #57
389-09-26-97-C-NEWS Covenant Syndicate #50, 92597
390-09-27-97-Tears for the Constitution
391-09-27-97-How Do We Know What We Know
392-09-27-97-Science According to Moses
393-09-29-97-Educational Prayer Requests
394-09-29-97-Legislative Alert from The Christian Alert Network (TCAN)
395-09-30-97-The American Freedom Library on CD-ROM
396-09-30-97-Education and the Free Society
397-10-01-97-Bob Holland URLs, Info About None-Graded, Multi-Age Schools
398-10-01-97-Restoration of Education: Role of Parents and the Body of Christ
399-10-02-97-FRC Press Release - NEA Gets Refunded
400-10-02-97-Intercessors for America Prayer Alert


401-10-03-97-Promise Keepers in the News
402-10-03-97-USDOE Update -- ED Initiatives 74 (October 3, 1997)
403-10-03-97-Web Sites for Promise Keepers Coverage
404-10-04-97-WA Ed.Net Briefs 10.6.97
405-05-97-The Significance of Education to the Christian Worldview
406-10-05-97-Promise Keepers Recap
407-10-06-97-C-NEWS Relief Report #57
408-10-06-97-Things You Should Know About Global Warming
409-10-06-97-Update of Previous CEANet Post (395)
410-10-07-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - #61
411-10-08-97-Liberty Matters News Service, Oct. 6, 1997
412-10-08-97-URL Link To Robert Holland's Wednesday OP-ED
413-10-09-97-Separate Yourselves From Them
414-10-10-97-U.S. Taxpayer Party Platform Excerpts
415-10-10-97-FRC New Ed Facts
416-10-10-97-See The Hand Writing On The Wall
417-10-12-97-Maranatha WebWatch -- #59
418-10-12-97-WA Ed.Net Briefs 10.13.97
419-10-12-97-World Education for All Teacher Training Package
420-10-13-97-U.S. Coalition for Education for All (USCEFA)
421-10-13-97-Important TCAN Updates
422-10-14-97-C-NEWS Covenant Syndicate #54, 101397
423-10-14-97-Guide to U.S. Department of Education Programs & Resources
425-10-15-97-Tangled Web by Joe Esposito
426-10-15-97-Robert Holland and Christian Ed Links
427-10-15-97-Member Resonds to CEANet413
428-10-17-97-Dawinism and Our Kids A Liberal Education
429-10-18-97-Education The Role of Parents and the Church
430-10-18-97-Member Responds to CEANet429
431-10-20-97-Toward a National Curriculum
432-10-20-97-IFC Newsletter, October 20, 1997
433-10-21-97-USDOE Oct. 1997 Community Update
434-10-21-97-A Christian Perspective on Halloween
435-10-22-97-TCAN Message from Congressman Ron Paul of Texas
436-10-22-97-Answers In Genesis Seminar & Bob Holland URL Address
437-10-22-97-State Education Vouchers Blinded By Choice
438-10-24-97-America's Slippage Toward Globalsim and Intl. Governance
439-10-24-97-Testing the Theory of Evolution
440-10-24-97-JBS E-mail Alert Network - Ezola Foster on C-Span!
441-10-25-97-The Restoration of Education -- Revised
442-10-27-97-Why the State Took Control of Education
443-10-27-97-Three Reasons Why Reform Can't Work
444-10-27-97-No More Reform, Americans Need Separation
445-10-29-97-Frederic Bastiat's _The Law_
446-10-29-97-How Separation Worked for 200 Years
447-10-29-97-Critical Distinction Between Homeschool & Government School
448-10-29-97-After the State-Ordered Genital Exams
449-10-29-97-Bob Holland's Response to Hillary's Child Care Crisis
450-10-30-97-EXODUS 2000 PROJECT Now On-Line!!
451-10-31-97-21 Ways Public Schools Harm Your Children
452-10-31-97-Maranatha SchoolWatch -- #14
453-11-01-97-Public School Failures, Homeschool Successes
454-11-01-97-USDOE Didn't We Say Shut It DOWN!!
455-11-04-97-Internet For Christians Newsletter #45
456-11-04-97-TCAN Alert Roadmap to Socialistic Re-Indoctrination
457-11-07-97-Letter to A Christian School Director
458-11-07-97-A Warning For Homeschoolers
459-11-07-97-Federal Lawsuit Involving Homeschoolers
460-11-08-97-Bob Holland, Admin Note, and Prophecy Conference Tapes
461-11-08-97-Preparing Teachers in Family Involvement Report -- Message 1
462-11-08-97-Preparing Teachers in Family Involvement Report -- Message 2
463-11-09-97-Creation vs. Evolution on Firing Line (PBS) Dec 19, 1997
464-11-09-97-UN to Regulate the Internet
465-11-10-97-Congress Stops Clinton's Testing Plan from Moving Forward
466-11-11-97-New Books Available
467-11-11-97-Author, John A. Stormer, Updates Progress on His Book
468-11-11-97-Letters Requested for Launch Issue of Ed Mag
469-11-12-97-Parents as Teachers (PAT)
470-11-12-97-In Loco Parentis -- Part 1 of 3
471-11-12-97-In Loco Parentis -- Part 2 of 3
472-11-13-97-In Loco Parentis -- Part 3 of 3
473-11-13-97-International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
474-11-14-97-US Supreme Court Condones Strip-Search of School Children
475-11-14-97-EXODUS 2000 PROJECT Mentioned in _Human Events_
476-11-15-97-USDOE Appropriations Bill Signed into Law
477-11-15-97-FRC Ed Facts - 111497
478-11-16-97-_Creation's Tiny Mystery_ by Robert V. Gentry
479-11-17-97-The Weak Case for Public Schooling
480-11-17-97-Freedom Watch Update 17-NOV-97
481-11-17-97-Internet For Christians Newsletter, 11-17-97 (Issue #46)
482-11-18-97-C-NEWS Separation of School & State Nov. 21-22 Conference
483-11-18-97-FRC Press Release - 105th Congress & Families
484-11-19-97-Homeschool Co-op or Resourse Centers
485-11-19-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - #65
486-11-20-97-TCAN Alert -- Let My Children Go
487-11-22-97-Ed Decay via the Christain Acceptance of False Doctrine
488-11-22-97-Creation vs. Evolution Debate on PBS
489-11-24-97-Exodus 2000 and Separation Alliance on MSNBC!!
490-11-24-97-Education, Political and Spritiual Prayer Requests
491-11-25-97-'ABSOLUTOPHOBIA' -- Itís Deadly and Spreading!
492-11-26-97-Urgent Prayer Request
494-11-26-97-Robert Holland on Separating School and State
495-11-28-97-Education Web Site List
496-12-01-97-Student Journals in Public Schools
497-12-02-97-Formation of Federal-State Ed Task Force
498-12-03-97-Maranatha WebWatch - #60
499-12-04-97-Infection of a Nation by Ken Ham
500-12-04-97-Maranatha NewsWatch - #66


501-12-04-97-USDOE 21st Century Community Learning Centers
502-12-05-97-The Silence of the Lambs
503-12-05-97-Christian Education at Risk by Chuck Colson
504-12-06-97-US Restructuring of Society Through Education
505-12-08-97-Howard Phillips on Separation of School and State
506-12-09-97-Important Biblical Worldview Web Site
507-12-09-97-IFC December 8, 1997 (Issue #47)
508-12-10-97-The Room
509-12-10-97-Runaway Train to the Village
510-12-11-97-First Annual Young-Age Origins Conference
511-12-12-97-Fantastic $4 Resource
512-12-12-97-FRC Release - Constitutional Religious Freedom
513-12-13-97-Who You Are Makes A Difference...
514-12-15-97-USDOE Update -- ED Initiatives (December 15, 1997)
515-12-15-97-Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning
516-12-15-97-Keeping Covenant with God in the Education of Our Children
517-12-16-97-Exodus 2000 Pamphlet Let My Children Go!
518-12-16-97-Memorandum from E. Ray Moore, Jr., Dir. of Exodus 2000
519-12-16-97-Separation of School & State Alliance 1997 Review
520-12-18-97-Warning Signs for Parents from the USJF
521-12-18-97-Christmas Greetings! from the Prayer Loop
522-12-22-97-State volunteers needed for AZ legislation in all 50 states
523-12-22-97-Govt Ed or Independent Ed
524-12-23-97-Global Warming Treaty Studies
525-12-23-97-C-NEWS USA Changing the landscape, one person at a time
526-12-23-97-Christmas Greetings From Christian Answers Network
527-12-24-97-Global 2000 Youth Congress
528-12-26-97-Are You Being Brainwashed By Your Science Textbook? Part 1
529-12-26-97-Are You Being Brainwashed By Your Science Textbook? Part 2
530-12-26-97-Are You Being Brainwashed By Your Science Textbook? Part 3
531-12-27-97-Government Ownership and Random Drug Tests in Schools
532-12-27-97-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS, December 23, 1997 (Issue 48)
533-12-31-97-What Does _Voluntary_ Mean?
534-01-02-98-Psychological Manipulation for _Change_
535-01-02-98-C-NEWS Gov. Fob James, AL, on DeMent Prayer Ruling
536-01-02-98-Creation-Based Sunday School Curricula
537-01-04-98-Christians Must Resist State Indoctrination of Young Souls
538-01-04-98-Marshall Fritz Updates Sep Alliance Supporters
539-01-04-98-Rethinking the Five Dimensions of Education Systems
540-01-06-98-1998 International Conference on Creationism
541-01-07-98-Creation and the Flat Earth
542-01-08-98-Robert Holland Op-Eds, URLs
543-01-10-98-Creation or Evolution: Does It Really Matter?
544-01-10-98-The Public Family: Ideas That Built Your Public School
545-01-11-98-UNESCO and the Congressional Record, 1951
546-01-11-98-FRC Ed Facts - 1998 (1st article related to Creation Issue)
547-01-11-98 Attendance At Christian Schools is Growing!!
548-01-12-98-The Arizona Private Scholarship Tax-Credit
549-01-12-98-Daily eManna Bible Devotion E-mail Message
550-01-13-98-Maranatha NewsWatch - #69
551-01-13-98-David and Goliath - An End-Time View
552-01-15-98-Perspective of a Former U.S. Dept of Ed Senior Associate
553-01-15-98-Pro-Life Educational Resource Catalog
554-01-15-98-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS, January 13, 1998 (Issue 49)
555-01-17-98-Why is Education An Issue of Conscience?
556-01-18-98-They Turned the World Upside Down
557-01-19-98-Robert Holland URL and New Education Magazine Update
558-01-19-98-Exodus 2000 A Brief Theological Defense
559-01-21-98-Neutrality of Belief and State Education
560-01-21-98-U.S. Taxpayer Party Standing on Principle
561-01-23-98-A Young Earth -- Itís Not the Issue!
562-01-23-98-Homeschooling Policy Analysis Paper at Cato Institute
563-01-23-98-USDOE Update -- ED Initiatives (January 22, 1998)
564-01-24-98-Maranatha NewsWatch -- #70
565-01-24-98-Evolutionary Paranoia by Henry M. Morris
567-01-26-98-Michael New Webpage
568-01-26-98-A Special PC Offer From A Member of CEANet
569-01-26-98-USDOE Report 4 Initiatives Announced by President & Secretary
570-01-27-98-What If The State Provided Good Education?
571-01-27-98-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS, January 26, 1998, Issue 50
572-01-28-98-Restoration of Education (Copy & Share Version)
573-01-28-98-Why Govt. (At Any Level) Shouldn't Be Involved in Education
574-01-29-98-Ten Questions---WHO SAID THIS?
575-01-29-98-Maranatha NewsWatch - #71
576-01-29-98-Clinton Education must be our nation's highest priority
577-01-30-98-SSN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Part 1
578-01-30-98-SepCon'98 --- Colorado Springs, Nov 12-14
579-02-01-98-WE NEED GOD
580-02-02-98-Maranatha NewsWatch - #72
581-02-02-98-Education More Than Just Job Training
582-02-03-98-USDOE Report President's 1999 Budget Released Today
583-02-03-98-Washington State 4-Her's learn about our gov. - the U.N.!
584-02-04-98-Attn Homeschoolers -- Alert on National Testing
585-02-04-98-How Did Creation Fare on PBS' Firing Line?
586-02-05-98-Challenge to the Church
587-02-06-98-A Lifework Plan for Everyone
588-02-06-98-VACRC News and Prayer Requests
589-02-06-98-USDOE Update -- ED Initiatives (February 6, 1998)
590-02-07-98-Maranatha SchoolWatch - #15
591-02-07-98-HR 2846 National Testing Update Fax Alert
592-02-07-98-Separation of School and State Alliance Holds Conference
593-02-09-98-INTERNET FOR CHRISTIANS, February 9, 1998, Issue 51
594-02-09-98-Is Socialization All Its Cracked up to Be?
595-02-09-98-Creationist Book and CD-ROM Offer
596-02-11-98-Call for the Restoration of Christian Education
597-02-11-98-ONUG Vol. 2, No. 1 Did Washington Believe in Slavery?
598-02-11-98-Robert Holland and Butterfly Kisses
599-02-13-98-Part-Time Obedience
600-02-13-98-USDOE - 16 Pgms to Improve Teaching & Learning (Regional Labs)

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