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Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview

by Israel Wayne

Introduction and Table of Contents



"A person’s world view is the collection of his presuppositions or convictions about reality, which represent his total outlook on life." -- W. Andrew Hoffecker[1]

The modern American church has forgotten its responsibility to leave a spiritual legacy. The Patriarchs of Biblical days were keenly aware of the duty before them. As fathers, they had been entrusted with the lives of their children. They knew they must pass along the old stories to their posterity. Their offspring must grow up knowing the God of their fathers.

The discipleship of young children wasn’t taken for granted. It wasn’t good enough that the children were born into a Godly family. It was imperative for future generations to also personally embrace the only true God. Systematic teaching, training and discipling were in order. You couldn’t simply assume that truth would be absorbed by osmosis. In fact, there were dozens of examples of Godly men who failed to train Godly offspring.

David, Eli, Samuel... even Jacob to a great extent, all failed in their responsibility to shepherd their children. Simply being a Godly person wasn’t enough to ensure the faithful succession of the next generation. There must be something more. But what?

This book is a unique reflection on an educational philosophy that has undergirded my upbringing. Home education is as natural to me as eating and breathing. The decision to homeschool was made before I was even "school age," so I have been immersed in the home learning environment from the beginning. Our family officially began our homeschooling journey in 1978, when my older sister started kindergarten.

The whole experience has been antithetical to the flow of secular, governmentalized, institutional learning. We had an entirely different agenda. The goal was always to help us, as children, to know God. I wish I could give a secret formula of the 20-some rules for parenting success, but that’ll have to wait a few years. (Just kidding!) Formulas are for those who are too complacent to follow God’s leading.

There is no replacement for being humbly submitted to the guiding of the Holy Spirit. I don’t know where my life would be without intercessory prayer on my behalf, being sheltered from evil influences, being given a love of learning and the ability to reason, an emphasis on Godly character, consistent discipline, a modeled example of holy living, the call of God on my life, training in a Biblical worldview, an impartation of Christian presuppositions, a freedom from peer pressure, and a love of faith.

How can a parent transmit all of this to his or her children? I know it isn’t easy, but I firmly believe it can be done. My childhood was far from perfect, but thanks to the grace of God, and the conviction of my mother, I can honestly say I know the God of my fathers.

In this book, I want to point out some stepping stones for the travelers following behind. There are pitfalls in the journey, and much can be gained by learning from the experiences of others. For what it’s worth, the concepts in this book are things we learned, as a family. I hope they will strengthen your family. This book will always be incomplete, but I pray it will be a good starting point, to set you on a journey of thinking Biblically in all areas of life.

After 20-plus years of homeschooling, and over eleven years of publishing Home School Digest, the Lord has given some hindsight. I see a few things clearly that used to be foggy, veiled mysteries. One of those lessons is that home education is a means to an end, and not and end in and of itself. It’s a part of a whole, not the whole itself. We have seen many successes through homeschooling. We’ve also seen many failures. We do not wear rose-colored glasses. Homeschooling is not the answer to life’s problems -- Jesus is. Only under the authority and Lordship of Christ will the homeschool journey be successful.

I personally know many young people who have grown up in Christian homes, been home educated and sheltered from the world, nevertheless the world was never removed from their hearts. Some of them have grown up, left the values of their parents, and abandoned the teaching of the church. Worst of all, some have turned their backs on God, and given themselves over to perversion and carnality of the worst kind. Is that the fault of homeschooling? Absolutely not! Does it prove homeschooling doesn’t work? No way! Does it mean we must not have false expectations about the nature of homeschooling? Sure does.

If you are expecting a book that says, "Do these things and you can leave God out of the equation," you bought the wrong book. On the other hand, if imparting a Godly heritage is important to you, as I pray it is, I hope you will benefit from the truths contained in these pages. Anything true belongs to God. If there is error, it is entirely my fault. I’m filled with gratitude to God that He saw fit to let me live (first of all), and secondly that He has chosen me in spite of my glaring imperfections. Throughout this book, please keep in mind that it is written from my perspective as a homeschooled student. I’m not claiming to have perspective as a teacher, parent or other educator. I can only share from my worldview, which is limited.

My prayer is that this book will be a key to unlock doors of new ideas in your mind. I hope and pray that you will have a new perspective from having read these pages. I hope to challenge you to think of things you have never considered before, to encourage you in the convictions God has already given to you, and to show you a unique angle of the familiar.

The book is not a replacement for Scripture. Nothing is a replacement for God’s Word, Spirit, or direction. I simply pray this book will help lead you along in that to which God has already called you. _Soli Deo Gloria_.

Reference Note

1. W. Andrew Hoffecker, Building A Christian World View (Phillipsburg, NJ: P & R Publishing Co., 1986), ix.


Table of Contents


1. Keeping an Eternal Perspective

2. A Biblical Education

3. The Importance of Reason

4. Teaching the Core Subjects

a. History
b. Science
c. Mathematics
d. Language Arts
e. Philosophy
f. Literature

5. Counter Culture?

6. Multiculturalism

7. Parents’ Rights?

8. Socialization or Socialism?

9. Developing a Family Ministry

10. Common Excuses to Keep from Homeschooling

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